D.A.S Variant at Mimo Disco

The firm Arroyo Sonido S.L. carried out the sound installation using D.A.S. Variant systems


Mimo Disco is a well-equipped leisure space in the city of Los Alcázares, Murcia. A modern and colourful locale, here music and a carefully designed decor blend perfectly. Mimo Disco was recently inaugurated and its main sound installation features the D.A.S. Variant array compact powered systems.The management of Mimo Disco had the objective of endowing the space with a sound system capable of the most demanding performance and reliability to handle those long sessions that take place in this locale.

The firm Arroyo Sonido S.L. from Cartagena, Murcia, directed by Juan Arroyo carried out the sound installation using D.A.S. Variant systems. For the main dance area, the technicians installed eight powered D.A.S. 112A Variant systems. The Variant 112A powered systems are compact and offer great flexibility and features. Their ample vertical dispersion results in a greater coverage while using a smaller number of units.

These have been distributed in two arrays of four units each, Four hard hitting D.A.S. ST-218 subwoofer systems from the D.A.S. Sound Touring series were added to provide the "punch" demanded by these venues. In another bar located adjacent to the main area, D.A.S. Reference series RF-12.85 have been used. These systems are equipped with rotatable 80º x 50º horns. Their 12" loudspeaker for bass reinforcement and their 2" throat compression driver with titanium diaphragm are responsible for the great response of these compact yet powerful cabinets.

Power amplification was accomplished using D.A.S. H series amplifiers using H-4000 for the subwoofers and H-2200 units for the Reference series systems. These amps offer a high performance "H" class topology based on intelligent power supply which reduces power consumption and generates lesser heat, resulting in greater performance and reliability. Finally, a D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processor was used to control the balance between the various output sources.

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