D.A.S. takes a ride with Renault

"Global Events" relied on the technical expertise of 'Jesús Puerto Profesional"


At Madrid's IFEMA convention center, automobile manufacturer Renault introduced its new Clio model in an event produced by "Global Events" under the direction of Fermín Pérez. As with many of their events, "Global Events" relied on the technical expertise of "Jesús Puerto Profesional" to cover their audiovisual and sound reinforcement needs.

The event's audio requirements called for the variety of systems to provide sound for a large number of different zones. A total of eighteen booths or stations inside the main pavilion were equipped with self-powered Dynamics DS-108A two-way speakers. Each of these circular-shaped stations was configured with dividing panels and a video projector. A Renault Product Manager made a short presentation to each group of attendees before the official presentation of the new Clio. At that moment, the dividing panels slid to reveal a larger circular space featuring four video projectors at the center from which Renault's National Sales Director, Armando García Otero acknowledged Fernando Alonso as Formula 1's world champion, before giving way to the Clio's presentation.

A central truss supported the four video projectors and 12 self-powered D.A.S. Audio CA-28A line arrays arranged in clusters of three along a circle to allow for full audio coverage. Under the circular stage that rose to a height of approximately one meter, four CA-215A powered subwoofers and eight powered Compact Sub18 low-end speakers were neatly concealed. 18 DS-108A served to provide support sound reinforcement.

"Jesús Puerto Profesional" managed to provide even audio coverage with consistent sound pressure in every seat thanks to D.A.S. Audio's Aero-Ware linear array simulation software and the self-powered Aero 28 line array system,. "The Aero system -commented Jesús Puerto- being self-powered, makes the installation process much easier and less messy, requiring less cables and space for racks of outboard gear".

In addition to the center stage system, 16 Dynamics series DS-115A speakers were employed to providebackground musicin the several dining areas where the more than 900 guests who attended the five-day event, enjoyed the nightly performance one of Spain's legendary bands, "La Unión". For those more comfortable with dance music, a separate location provided a mobile discotheque which featured D.A.S. Sound through eight Aero 38 line array systems.

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