D.A.S. Seminars in Singapore

Eduardo Lopez, Sales & Marketing for D.A.S. Audio Asia joined Joan La Roda at this event


D.A.S. Audio continues to host seminars across Asia, designed to enrich the knowledge of future audio professionals of the latest in the pro-audio market. Singapore was recently chosen to host a workshop session led by Joan La Roda, D.A.S. sound engineer, attended by around 50 students from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) of Singapore. The four-hour session included the presentation "Line Arrays: How they work," focusing on the technical features and applications of line array systems, as well as an explanation about subwoofer characteristics and configuration entitled "Subwoofer Configurations and Time Alignment".

Eduardo Lopez, Sales & Marketing for D.A.S. Audio Asia joined Joan La Roda at this international event. With its strong practical flavour, the seminar also featured an explanation about how to take high precision acoustic measurements using two programs designed specifically for this purpose, namely SATLive and Smaart Live.

Joan La Roda went on to visit the SAE Singapore facilities and thanked their team for their hospitality, especially the General Manager, Anna C. Mallon, Elliot Hudson, Head of Audio Department and Alan Lek, Assistant to Manager.

Founded in 1991, SAE Institute Singapore offers various educational programs within the fields of Multimedia Production, Audio Engineering, Games and Animation Programming and Digital Film Making. Students study all manner of international programs and take part in essential on-the-job training at companies within the sector to further their future professional career. Founded in Australia, the SAE Institute has several facilities throughout the world.

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