D.A.S. Seminars Come to Ireland

The event was organized by D.A.S. distributor Reynolds of Raphoe


D.A.S. Audio continues to increase steam with its worldwide seminars. Ireland recently received the visit of D.A.S. Audio engineer Joan La Roda, who boasts ample experience in the preparation and development of seminars throughout the world. His seminars have been widely accepted by audio professionals, increasing their training and bringing D.A.S. Audio and its products closer to the worldwide professional audio community.

The two-day seminar took place in central Ireland from October 6th to 7th at the Hodson Bay Hotel in the city of Athlon, an hour away from Dublin. and was attended by some 25 D.A.S. customers and prospective clients.

The seminar's main focus was "Line Arrays: How they work" detailing the technical features and applications of line array systems as well as an explanation about subwoofer characteristics and configuration entitled "Subwoofer Configurations and Time Alignment". The theoretical section was followed by Arco, DR, Reference, Artec, Variant112A and Variant 18A product demos. Brian McGrath of Reynolds of Raphoe personally took charge of the demos and the D.A.S. systems presentation.

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