D.A.S. Seminar in Germany

The sessions were held in the 'Niederrheinhalle Wesel" convention center


The city of Wesel in the federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, recently hosted a training seminar focused on the Aero line array systems manufactured by D.A.S. Audio. The sessions were held in the "Niederrheinhalle Wesel" convention center. The event was organized by Rolf Feldmann, from the firm SLD of Wesel, in collaboration with Audio Technica and Allen & Heath which provided microphones and mixing consoles. Jack Palacio, export director and Joan la Roda, sound engineer, participated on behalf of D.A.S. Audio. Over 40 people attended the seminar including rental companies, installers and audio students.

The seminar began at 10 a.m. Joan La Roda, sound engineer, explained the line array theory as well as the technical features and applications of these systems in a presentation entitled "Line Arrays: How They Work". The next subject was "Subwoofer Configurations" where he addressed the different types and their characteristics.

Lunch was served at noon for all the attendees. The audio sessions continued until 4 P.M. and were followed by a product demo and a live band. The P.A. system was comprised of six CA-28 modules flown on each side of the stage with four CA-215A bass systems. Four Aero 218A 2K and four Variant 112A were sued to provide subwoofer reinforcement and a front-fill system. A second demo system comprised of eight Variant 25A and two Variant 18A was set-up. On stage monitoring was provided by SML-12A powered systems.

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