D.A.S. rocks the Rockstar Benidorm

Installation was carried out by the local company Digisat


The tourist-oriented city of Benidorm boasts a wide range of entertainment possibilities, one of the most complete in all of Spain, offering choices that satisfy the interests of the thousands of Spanish and European visitors that flock to the city each year to get a taste of the unbeatable Costa Blanca (White Coast) weather. Among the ample variety of options available it seems tourists have a special liking for venues that offer live shows, and the magnificent Rockstar Benidorm is one of just such places.

Rockstar Benidorm, an impressive venue that fuses parts of an American restaurant, English café/pub and live performance theatre, boasts two floors and a semi-basement, two terraces and two stages. Given the variety of the musical possibilities, Rockstar Benidorm´s management needed a complete sound system for their venue and trusted D.A.S. equipment for the job.

Installation was carried out by the local company Digisat, headed by Paco Fernández, who recommended the advantages of the D.A.S. systems for this type of venue. The discreet and effective D.A.S. Artec systems were installed in the common areas that form the restaurant and the café/pub, and a total of 12 Artec 8 systems were conveniently distributed throughout the two floors and semi-basement.

These systems, constructed in birch plywood, provide a clean and elegant design that easily fits the venue´s specific characteristics. Their exceptional performance is complemented by the installation of D.A.S. PowerPro series amplifiers. Four PS-800 series power amplifiers were installed to provide power for the Artec 8 cabinets and a D.A.S. DSP-26 handles signal processing and zone control.

Live performances are held on the stages located on the bottom floor and semi-basement of the venue. D.A.S. Reference series systems are employed for the live sound applications. The system, arranged as a semi-mobile P.A. system, is made up of four RF-15 systems, two RF-12 systems and two Sub-18R subwoofer units.

Digistat also installed here D.A.S. PowerPro amplifiers. Three PS-1400, one PS-800, and two DSP-26 were used for signal processing. The equipment - ideal for live performances - provides the quality sound and acoustic power needed to reinforce the live shows that are so successful and demanded by Rockstar Benidorm´s clientele.

Among Rockstar Benidorm´s most recent successes was the performance of famous guitarist Raimundo Amador´s performance in front of a full house last May.

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