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D.A.S. Audio has consolidated its online presence on the biggest internet's sites


With over 800 million active users on Facebook alone, social networking services and websites are becoming an integral part of everyday life. D.A.S. Audio has responded accordingly, and in addition to consolidating its online presence in the last few years via its own website - which receives more than 30,000 visits monthly from all over the world - D.A.S. has expanded its online presence on the internet's biggest sites, both informational and image and opinion-related.

D.A.S. has created profiles on both Facebook( and Twitter (, the two most prolific information and image exchange websites in the world. These networks give D.A.S. and its clients, distributors and fans the opportunity to exchange and share their experiences with D.A.S. products, review installations and live events and post related images and videos.

More recently, D.A.S. Audio set up its own channel on YouTube ( themost widely used online audio visual media site. On the D.A.S. YouTube channel, viewers can watch live performances and shows as well as different video tutorials which simply and visually explain different technical aspects of system configurations, installations of large PA systems and professional sound system repair, among other topics.

D.A.S. customers and fans can also access information through ISSUU ( a user-friendly platform that puts sales and technical information about D.A.S. products at users' fingertips. D.A.S. Audio has created a "virtual library" on ISSUU, where visitors can access catalogues and technical support documents. Users can also create a free account to see and share files and download PDF documents.

Last but not least, D.A.S. has made their photo galleries available to users through the online image database tool Flickr ( On this popular site, D.A.S. posts tons of high-resolution images of both products and installations and live events.

The images are organized into groups by installation type (live events or permanent installations) and by geographical zone. There is also a collection of product images, which is extremely useful for clients and distributors.

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