D.A.S. is the choice in Malta

 FutureTech supplies sound systems to the best clubs in Malta


The luxuriant beauty of its scenery, the mildness of its climate and its centuries-old villages The luxuriant beauty of its scenery, the mildness of its climate and its centuries-old villages make Malta an excellent tourist destination.

If we take a stroll down St. George's Road, in the suburb of Paceville, we can find a number of restaurants and pubs with D.A.S. sound system installations. D.A.S. Audio distributor for Malta, Stefan Farrugia, Director of FutureTech starts out at two pubs called 'V5' and 'V6 Kaptan' where powered DS-15A and DS-108A cabinets have been installed together with RF-214 and Sub 218 units. These pubs are set in a small palace with a mixture of modern and traditional décor where they regularly put on lots of live music.

Carrying on down St. George's Road we came to a quiet, relaxing pub called 'Chequers'. Here Farrugia chose DS-108A systems with Sub-18F and Sub-18H subwoofers. Next stop is at the recently inaugurated 'Hugo's Restaurant' and 'Hugo's Pub', equipped with powered DS-108A, DS-112A and Sub-18A units. These two spacious, top quality venues enhanced by exquisite design and amazing cuisine, are bound to be a tremendous success.

Remember style and House music lovers on St. Georges Road can count on 'Flash Back' a unique place that looks like a cave from the time of the Phoenicians. Stefan installed ST-15 and ST-218 units here together with DS-15 cabinets. The same models were used at a pub called 'El Steam', decorated in a style that really transports you to Egypt with its Sphinx and pyramids.

They are also installed at a club called 'Fair Play'. Its corridors and halls were equipped with Factor-8 systems for background music and flush-mounted loudspeakers from the D.A.S. Ceiling Series for clear and precise message reproduction. "Six inch CL-6T units from the Ceiling Series were also installed at a bingo hall in the same area, powered by D.A.S model CSA-2007 amplifiers," explains Farrugia.

'Browns' is another example of clubs where D.A.S. sytems like the RF-12.85, Sub-18H and DS-112A modules have been employed.

"At the peak hour when everywhere is packed, you got to see 'Sugar Shake' and witness the amazing sound pumped out by their DS-112A, DS-15A, ST-15 and ST-18 systems," confirms Stefan.

These are just a few examples of what an excellent job Stefan Farrugia is doing and of the wide range of sound system solutions that D.A.S has to offer. Stefan Farrugia started his company in 1993. It was then a mobile disco company called 'Hyper Sound Disco', catering for weddings and private parties. In 1996 'FutureTech' is established. He currently supplies sound systems to the best clubs in Malta and on the island of Gozo and is widely recognized to be a leading company in audiovisual installations at entertainment and leisure venues.

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