D.A.S. in the Stadio Sports Center

Sound installation was carried out by the company Sonido DG


The Municipal Sports Center Stadio in the city Alicante was recently inaugurated. This modern and very complete facility of 6,000 square meters (60,000 square feet) includes the latest generation of fitness machines. Spinning, aerobics, indoor pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas are just a few of the things that the center has to offer. Sound installation was carried out by the company "Sonido DG", dedicated to the professional installation of sound systems in the province of Alicante. Rafael Davó Seva, the company's director chose D.A.S. products for this impressive installation because of the wide variety of systems offered. Mr. Davó affirms, "The results have been extremely satisfactory for us. When we work with D.A.S., we know we will have all the tools necessary to complete any sound project."

To provide background music and at the same time, offer the possibility of an intelligible paging system for dressing room, hallways and the cafeteria, Sonido DG installed thirty-four (34) CL-6T ceiling speakers. The D.A.S. ceiling speaker range includes a 5", 6" and 8" models in both eight ohms and transformer versions for distributed lines.

In the different rooms dedicated to the practice of aerobics and spinning, Davó opted for the Dynamics series DS-115's. Ten (10) of these two-way, full-range systems were installed to provide members with a high-impact, high quality sound. All of the systems are amplified using D.A.S. Energy series amplifiers, specifically E-12 and E-20 models. "The choice of going with the DS-115's was due to the fact that I wanted to give these areas a high performance system that would offer a spectacular music atmosphere."

The indoor pool, the fitness rooms, and a section of the dressing rooms, are fitted with twenty three (23) Factor-5 T, transformer versions. These highly resistant, versatile cabinets are ideal for areas were there is high humidity and a quality sound is mandatory. Specifically, ten were installed on the pool area, ten in the fitness room and another three in the dressing areas. These systems as well as the ones used in the passage ways are driven by QSC amplifiers models ISA-300T and ISA-500T. The great versatility of the amps and their excellent specifications make them a reliable solution for a wide variety of installation applications. Sound distribution and control has been carried out by way of the MusiCall system, manufactured by Dateq and distributed in Spain by D.A.S. These easy to install and user friendly systems provide users with total flexibility when establishing personal preferences anywhere in the facility.

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