D.A.S. files for EASE Focus 2

The new version of EASE Focus is already avalaible for D.A.S. line array systems


D.A.S. Audio announces the release of its loudspeaker data files of the D.A.S. Aero Series (Aero 38/38A), Aero Series 2 and Variant Series line array systems for use in the EASE Focus V.2 and EASE 4.3 software. EASE Focus acoustic and simulation software, developed by the German company AFMG Technologies GmbH, has launched its new and improved V.2 version. This application is used to configure sound systems based on the geometric information of the venue and on the characteristics of the sound systems proposed for use in the given installation.

This new version of EASE Focus offers a wide range of benefits compared to the original. Among the most noteworthy is the option to simulate the systems both in terms of section and in terms of the whole venue. This makes it simple to obtain both horizontal and vertical coverage information at the same time, making prediction much more coherent and concrete.

Another useful element of the V.2 version is the option to run simulations introducing several sound sources at the same time. Until now, emission sources could only be introduced one at a time, but with this update, up to eight different sound sources are allowed, which permits signal cuts at different frequencies, equalization and delays in emission. Thus the simulation turns out complete, including the entirety of the sound system "working" at the same time.

Another valuable improvement is the possibility to carry out predictions not just for line array systems, as was the case before, but the scope of use has been broadened to include configurable loudspeakers. And last but not least, the updated software, both with the EASE Focus 2, as well as with the EASE 4.3 application, increases the usability of the program for both applications.

As we have mentioned above, the new acoustic and prediction software version V.2 is already available for D.A.S. line array systems from the Aero and Variant series. On the D.A.S. website, users will find the different data files GLL for each one of the products in the "download" section of each one of the products in the Aero Series (Aero 38/38A), Aero Series 2 and Variant Series.

Download data and EASE Focus 2 program files

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