D.A.S. expands wood working

The incorporation of these technological advances optimizes the manufacturing process


Following with the technological and commercial expansion of D.A.S. Audio, the company recently expanded it woodworking facilities. An additional 1,200 square meters (120,000 square feet), fitted with the latest CNC equipment has now become part of the 3000 square meter (300,000 square feet) woodworking facility which is manned by a team of 12, with José Antonio Vercher as manager.

In addition to the pre-existing cutting equipment, sanding machines and painting booth, two new milling and perforation machining centers have been acquired for processing wood panels, press board, MDF, plastic and light metals such as aluminum or brass. The new machines are equipped with the latest computer software, which allows the cabinet designs to be sent from other locations at the plant directly to the new equipment.

of the acoustic cabinets. The production capacity of the equipment meets the demands of the different assembling and manufacturing processes of the plant. More than 1,500 wooden acoustic cabinets are made at this production line monthly, fully satisfying factory needs.

With this new extension, D.A.S. Audio encompasses over 20,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities in Fuente del Jarro (Valencia), the D.A.S. headquarters for the past twenty years. The expansion experienced by the company over last two decades has placed it in a privileged position among professional audio system manufacturers, and this growth demands constant a constant evolution.

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