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D.A.S. audio poens its newest subsidiary, D.A.S. do Brasil





D.A.S. Audio announces the creation of its newest subsidiary in Brazil as part of its ongoing commitment to providing first-class service worldwide. D.A.S. do Brasil incorporates a full sales and technical team that has had ties to the D.A.S. brand for nearly 20 years through Decomac, D.A.S. Audio’s former distributor in Brazil. This team ensures the continuity of the service D.A.S. has offered to the extensive number of its customers and users in Brazil through Decomac, and with the help of direct support from D.A.S. headquarters in Valencia aims to further improve after-sales care, training and technical support for the new products the D.A.S. plans to launch on the Brazilian market soon.

D.A.S. do Brasil will open its doors at the same location used by Decomac at Rua Dos Andradas in the Santa Efigênia neighborhood of São Paulo, headed by a management team closely linked to the history of D.A.S. in Brazil and easily recognizable by the brand’s Brazilian market after serving as the meeting point for D.A.S. Audio customers and product users for two decades.

The D.A.S. do Brasil team involved in this new project includes Sales Director Guillermo Distefano, a professional who has gained the trust of the entire sales, customer and user network in Brazil after working with D.A.S. Audio products in the country for nearly 20 years. Distefano is joined in the Sales Department by Victor Da Silva and Marilia Macri, responsible for further enhancing D.A.S. Audio’s image in Brazil and offering the excellent service that defines the brand’s sales teams worldwide. Finally, heading up the increasingly more important work of providing support, technical training and set-up of D.A.S. gear in Brazil is Fernando Nanão, official D.A.S. technician for the country who will have the direct support of the entire D.A.S. Audio systems engineering network in Valencia.

The presentation of this new project and D.A.S do Brasil will coincide with the celebration of the upcoming EXPOMUSIC trade fair at São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte on September 16 to 20. D.A.S. Audio’s newest subsidiary will participate directly in this event for face-to-face contact with Brazil’s professional audio sector.

Please contact D.A.S. do Brasil for more information:

D.A.S. do Brasil
Rua Dos Andradas, 382 SL
Santa Efigênia, São Paulo - Brazil
CEP: 01208-000
Tel. 55 11 3333-0764
Guillermo Distefano


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