D.A.S. at the Saragossa Expo

One of the most spectacular halls of the Expo is the "Extreme Water" pavilion


Once again D.A.S. sound systems are taking part in an important worldwide event such as the 2008 Saragossa Expo that takes place in the capital of Aragón, between June 14th and September 14th. The theme of this International Exhibition is "Water and Sustainable Development" with participation of 180 countries. The different Spanish Autonomous Communities have also attended the venue, the Aragonese pavilion being of special relevance, given its host status. This year also marks the 200th anniversary of Los Sitios de Saragossa (1808) - (translated here as The Sieges of Saragossa) as well as the centenary of the 1908 Hispanic-French Exhibition. These two celebrations add a special character to the venue. The combination of the thematic pavilions, together with the exhibition spaces from different countries plus the pavilions of the Spanish regional communities, present a diverse overview.

It is worth mentioning the massive presence of multimedia events in most pavilions which requires the use of quality sound systems. It is here where D.A.S. sound systems play an important role, especially in the pavilions of Aragón, Agua Extrema (translated as Extreme Water), Russia, United Arab Emirates, Andalusia or Turkey - to mention only a few. Different series from the wide range of products that D.A.S. Audio offers have been employed - for both fixed and mobile installations. Each area has been equipped in terms of its functionality and the choices ranged from ceiling loudspeakers to powered line array systems.

The Aragón pavilion occupies 2,500 square meters and is 25 meters high. The space is articulated along a basement and three floors. The original design of the building brings to mind a typical Aragonese wicket basket, shape that has been obtained using interwoven panels made from glass and micro-concrete together with white fiberglass. Thanks to this design, the interior is flooded with natural light. This is one of the most spectacular buildings of the Expo. The sound installation for this pavilion, as well as those of the Saragossa, Russia and Andalusia pavilions have been set up by the Saragossa based firm Covah, S.C., under the direction of José Manuel Glaría.

At the same time, the Andalusian pavilion whose leitmotiv is "Andalucía, agua y vida" (Andalusia, water and life"), has been equipped with a D.A.S. system installation comprised of several Arco 24, double 4" loudspeakers. These compact two-way systems are made from high resistance ABS plastic, sport a smart design and blend in easily with the surrounding aesthetic. They have been installed in the Sala Exterior (Exterior Hall) which is a semicircular space, designed as a corridor and through which the visitors enter the pavilion and are subsequently guided along several interesting spots of the exhibition. The pavilion´s structure is based in oval shapes - resembling a drop of water. Its curves and clean lines are those of modern and avant-garde architecture.

The contents exhibited at the pavilion revolve around the relationship between the Andalusian region and water: water as a resource for survival as well as an entertainment and health source. All this is illustrated via small animations, visual poems or water curtains.

The Russian Federation pavilion is another prominent place - also equipped with D.A.S. Audio systems. The new DR series has been implemented here - more specifically the 8" powered DR-108A. These wide range two-way powered systems are equipped with a titanium membrane compression driver and a dual channel amplifier. They offer versatility and a complete solution sound reinforcement package in a small unit.

The exhibition theme of this pavilion is "Water World: Today and Tomorrow´s Russia" and intends to share some experiences about the use and preservation of water resources. . Its exterior simulates a breaking wave and its architecture conveys a series of feelings such as viewing the water flowing through the surface of the earth or the admiration and fear one can feel towards water, when this element becomes a threat. The exhibition reflects on natural disasters and how man could prevent them - how man is both a triggering cause as well as a victim.

A total of 30 D.A.S. systems from the Arco series have been installed in this pavilion. Two models have been used, the Arco 4 and the Arco 24 -providing this attractive pavilion with the necessary quality sound equipment. Amplification is provided by 14 D.A.S amplifiers from the new PS series. The entire sound set up for this pavilion as well as the installations for the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the Madrid Community pavilions has been designed and installed Tecesa, under the direction of José María Pérez and based in Asturias, Spain.

The narrative exposed at the United Arab Emirates pavilion is told through eight documentary films. The movies illustrate how this country which has scarce water resources, has managed to obtain and use running water for over 2,000 years.

Different sound installations were mounted in distinct spaces. While the entrance areas were equipped with D.A.S. Ceiling loudspeakers the rest of the area was furbished with systems from the Arco series. A total of 32 Arco systems covered the entire elegant exhibition space. Amplifiers from the D.A.S. PS and CSA-T series supply power. The sound installation for the Turkish pavilion comprises D.A.S Factor and DR systems. These are two way propylene systems designed for optimizing versatility. This pavilion presents one of the most suggestive spaces of the entire exhibition, due to its atmosphere. It is articulated around four spaces: the first "Water, source of life", the second "Life Sources, the third "Water and Life, and the fourth "Water pleasure". The sound installation of this space was carried out by Juan José Delgado from QED Expo Services UTE, a Saragossa based firm.

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