D.A.S. at The Radisson Helsinky

One hundred units of the Factor 5 systems were installed for background music


D.A.S. continues growing in international markets. Finland is an example where D.A.S. systems have been installed in the "Radisson Hotel" located in the capital city of Helsinki.Approximately one hundred units of the well-known Factor 5 two-way systems were installed for background music in the restaurant and cafeteria of this top-level hotel. The Factor 5's were chosen for their hi-fi sound quality and ease of integration in the hotel's decor.D.A.S. distributor for Finland, "Electrowaves" has also recently installed D.A.S. products in the "Rikala Hotel" and the "Scandic Hotel". In both, "Electrowaves" installed D.A.S. Factor 5, Factor 8 and flush mount ceiling speaker models CL-6T and CL-8. In the Rikala Hotel, additional ST-8A, and DS-115A powered systems along with Sub-18 low frequency units were supplied as well.

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