Theme the Beirut Milk Club

The club is one of the more emblematic entertainment locales of the Lebanese capital


D.A.S. Audio Reference series systems have been installed in the original "Milk Club" in Beirut, named after its peculiar decoration - all in white tones. Because of its distinct design the club is one of the more emblematic entertainment locales of the Lebanese capital.

D.A.S. Audio distributor for Lebanon, Sounds Inc. based in Beirut has provided the Reference series enclosures for this installation, which in this case were delivered painted in white to match the decor. The set up consists of four RF-14 units, eight RF-15 units and four Sub-18R subwoofers. This arrangement guarantees a complete sound coverage and quality performance for the entire club.

The Reference series enclosures are built in birch plywood. The units used at the "Milk Club" present a white polyurethane paint finishing. These enclosures have twelve different rigging points from which they can be hung via 10M thread screws offering great versatility depending on the installation. Both the RF-14 and the RF-15 enclosures are 2-way systems with a 15" speaker and a 1" exit titanium diaphragm compression driver for high frequency reproduction.

The low frequency reproduction has been resolved by using Sub-18R subwoofer units, an 18" speaker system and with a 30 Hz to 300 Hz frequency range that provides a power handling capacity of 700 W RMS of power providing the club with the required punch.

The modern and well designed premises of the "Milk Club" are divided in two main areas: the so-called Pre-Club and the Night Club. The lay out at the Pre-Club presents elegant white upholstered sofas, a large central square bar and a carefully designed VIP area where customers can have a drink. The Night Club is intended for fans of vocal house, chill house, funky or electronic music - a place where the DJ's entertain the audience until dawn.

The club offers a series of possibilities that the customers would enjoy such as cocktails testing, fusion cuisine appetizers and sampling of international drinks and wines. The musical selection and the sound quality which the use of D.A.S. systems has provided turn this locale into a peculiar and "immaculate" space.

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