D.A.S. at Royal Ascot

Organizers selected D.A.S. Aero and Arco as the loudspeaker systems for this year's event


Royal Ascot, one of horse racing's most prestigious meetings took place this year from June 17th to the 21st of June. Held on an annual basis since 1711, Royal Ascot regal patronage makes it a unique race meet, with the Royal Enclosure's strict dress code creating as much excitement in the stands as on the turf. Men in top hats and full morning suits appear immaculate as women in pastel dresses and spectacular hats compete to catch the eye in the millinery event of the year, all taking place under the Queen's watchful eyes. For a race meeting of this magnitude, Royal Ascot organizers demanded the finest audio equipment, which is why they selected D.A.S. Aero and Arco as the loudspeaker systems for this year's event event.

Installation Company SYSCO specified the D.A.S. line arrays and speakers after Roland Hemming, an audio consultant contracted by Sennheiser UK, D.A.S. distributor in the UK, recommended that the hire company rented the Aero and use it as the sole PA system for Royal Ascot. After experiencing D.A.S. installations first hand, SYSCO Director Hugo Roche and Associate Director Glyn Hughes were impressed and had little hesitation on acting on Hemming's recommendation, finally settling on the Aero 38A powered line array systems for Royal Ascot.

Fourteen powered D.A.S. Aero 38A modules were flown at Royal Ascot's Silver Ring public enclosure and provided high quality sound to the entire area. The line array modules were accompanied by a D.A.S. DSP-26 digital signal processor that provided crossover, equaliser, limiter and delay unit functions, enabling SYSCO's engineers to make the delay adjustments with respect to Ascot's existing systems.In the immaculately dressed VIP area 44 Arco 24T two-way speaker units were installed in the horizontal position. These systems were also used to provide audio for the A/V equipment throughout this area, while their modern and unobtrusive design allowed them to be installed discreetly thanks to their unique wall/ceiling mount. Jack Palacio, D.A.S. Export Director and Eva Argandoña, Sound Engineer and Project Designer, travelled from Valencia to the flats of Berkshire to verify the system's performance in person."Expectations were fully met," commented Argandoña who used the Ease Focus simulation program to design the project, "300 meters in the Silver Ring were covered with high intelligibility. The message must be clear and precise for these types of events, and it was through Royal Ascot's four days of racing."

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