D.A.S. at ET Live

The D.A.S systems were supplied by Interface Sound Productions


D.A.S. Audio recently took part in the outdoor product demonstrations at ET Live held in conjunction with the LDI tradeshow in Orlando. ET Live was available to all LDI attendees, offering a unique opportunity for customers interested in purchasing a professional concert sound system to view and listen to numerous product demonstrations in an outdoor, real live performance environment.

ET live was the setting for the demonstration of powered line array systems from D.A.S. Audio and another six professional audio companies. led by Ralph Alvarez. Twelve powered Aero 38A systems were flown on each side of the 70 meter stage, together with three powered CA-28A array modules. Low frequency reinforcement was handled by a total of 14 Aero 218 2K subwoofer units arranged in a cardioid configuration and three Variant 112A array units for the central channel.

Low profile powered SML-12A/15A stage monitors together with SM-12A and SM-15A units were also included on the stage and side-fill was handled by Compact 2 systems. A Digico D1 Live mixing console managed the stage monitors while a Digico model D5 Live console took charge of the FOH system. The set-up was completed with D.A.S. model DSP-26 and BSS Audio model Soundweb processors.

During the whole weekend, the six audio companies demonstrated their products by each playing the same CD provided by the organizers and there were live performances on each one of the stages. Without the limitations of an indoor environment, including size, reverberation problems and frequency build-up, ET Live's sponsors flew their line-array systems into a FOH position and the attendees experienced some of the best systems available on the market today The group Three Forks Road performed live on the D.A.S Audio stage, managed by sound engineer, Frank Martinez.

Representing D.A.S at the event were Gonzalo Aguirre, Sales Manager for Latin America, Javier Navarro, Sound Engineer, Kevin Hill, USA Sales Manager, Jaime Villegas, General Manager and Carolain Velez, Administrative Assistant for D.A.S. Audio of America Inc. Eduardo Teran, Sales Manager for D.A.S in Miami and Ramon Franco, Sales Representative for Colombia and Technical Advisor for Latin America.

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