D.A.S. appoints Behrens

Claus Behrens will have the new position of Business Development Manager


Claus Behrens- a professional with a long and distinguished career in the professional audio industry- has recently joined the D.A.S. Audio team. In this new chapter of his career at the Spanish company, he will have the new position of Business Development Manager.

This position will allow him to capitalize on all the experience he has acquired in the distribution channels in the installation market and in live sound applications. His extensive knowledge on professionally applied audio electronics, both in amplification as well as in digital signal processors, is a perfect match with the decidedly technological profile sought by D.A.S. Audio in its constant quest to continue the evolution of its range of products.

Behrens´ broad professional background includes collaboration with first-tier companies in the sector such as TC Electronic, TC Works, TC US and most recently in at LAB gruppen and LAKE, where he took on management and sales direction roles.

Claus Behrens explains what his new tenure at D.A.S. Audio means to him: "It´s going to be fantastic, joining a company with such a professional and passionate team, with such excellent products that reach an increasingly bigger share of the market; it´s a terrific challenge. I hope to contribute my experience and the knowledge I´ve accumulated in this dynamic and competitive sector."

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