D.A.S. Aero Systems in Guatemala

More than 20,000 fans delighted in singing along for more than two hours


This Central American country is witnessing the proliferation of significant live music events equipped with D.A.S. Audio Aero line array systems. The professionalism of their distributor in Guatemala, Casa Instrumental, provides a solid support for the distribution of these Spanish sound systems throughout the whole country. Among the season's most representative shows where Aero systems could be heard was Ricardo Arjona's concert at the Mateo Flores National Stadium, in the Guatemalan capital.

This renowned singer-songwriter confirmed his idol status during a packed performance at the stadium where more than 20,000 fans delighted in singing along for more than two hours, his new songs and previous hits. The sound reinforcement system was supplied and installed by SYS, Sistemas y Servicios, based in Guatemala City and directed by Herbert Yuman. It was made up of 38 powered Aero 38A systems and 8 Aero 28A systems. 13 Aero 38A units were distributed on each side of the stage together with 4 Aero 28A units flown from the main hang using AX-Combo rigging frame adapters. Providing coverage on the side areas of the stage, 6 Aero 38A systems were flown on each side.

Low frequency reinforcement was handled by 24 powered Aero 182A 2K systems which were placed on the floor at the front of the stage. Each of these sub-bass systems have two D Class 1000 W RMS amplifiers powering two 18" loudspeakers with high density neodymium magnet structures and the Total Air Flow (T.A.F.) cooling systems. D.A.S Aero 28A powered line array systems also provided side fill. A total of 4 units on each side of the stage performed this function

The systems were configured by using Ease Focus software enabling the SYS Sistemas y Servicios technicians to provide ideal sound quality for size of the stadium. This magnificent concert took place in the "Coloso de la Zona Cinco" ("Colossus of Zone Five") as it is colloquially known, because of the area of the city where it is located. It formed part of Ricardo Arjona's Latin American "Adentro" tour. The tour has proven to be successful in Mexico, Argentina and Central America. The concert was internationally produced by several Mexican and Costa Rican companies. However the sound was produced exclusively for Guatemala by the company SYS Sistemas y Servicios using D.A.S Audio's Aero powered line array systems.

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