D.A.S. Aero rocks the Ukraine

The two festivals held in the cities of Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk


The Ukraine is a clear example of D.A.S. Audio line array systems as the first and final choice for sound reinforcement at prestigious live events in Europe, mainly thanks to the work and professionalism of D.A.S. Audio distributor for the Ukraine, Indigo Music Company Ltd. Numerous events hosted in the Ukraine this summer demonstrate the performance and success of Aero 48 line array systems, delivering superb open-air sound quality.

Among them, were the two festivals held in the cities of Poltava and Dnepropetrovsk. Aero 48 systems powered the "Mazepa Fest" rock festival in June in Poltava. Its 25,000 square meter open-air venue, known as the Marusia Churaj, drew crowds of over 18,000 people who flocked to see 38 rock bands in action, including headliners Tanok on Congo Majdan. Indigo Music's partner company, the Ukrainian rental firm StormLine supplied the Aero system.

The P.A. comprised 16 Aero 48 units, flown eight per side while signal processing was handled by eight DSP3VS and two DSP-26 units, born from D.A.S. first-rate technological design. Stormline went on to deploy Aero 48 systems at the "Super DJ Parade MTS Tour" in August. Over 15,000 fans gathered for this event at the famous Lenin Square in the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

The P.A. featured six Aero 48 units per side together with a total of twelve Aero 218 Sub subwoofer units, six per side, to handle low frequencies. StormLine's owner, Yevgeny Shturmin highlighted the D.A.S. Audio array system's clear and powerful sound. This DJ event wouldn't have been complete without the amazing StormLine audiovisual show. Indigo Music's Anna Lokshina explained, "Our experience with the Aero systems in live events is 100% reliability. Tthey have proven to be powerful line arrays that maintain exceptional linearity and coverage while ensuring high levels of sound pressure."

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