Cvetlicarna Slovenia

Well known Slovenian Club installs D.A.S.'s Aero and Avant Series loudspeakers


Photos courtesy of Petra Nuzdorfer

As Slovenia's capital and its largest city, Ljubljana couldn't have a better location for a thriving music performance venue than that of Cvetlicarna Mediapark.This well known club is the most popular small/medium concert facility in the area. Featuring every musical style from hip hop, rock, heavy metal, and pop to a wide range of house and disco DJ's,. Recently, the club upgraded its sound reinforcement system to better serve its customers and the acts that perform there. To ensure the best possible sound quality, they opted for a sizeable system from the Aero Series 2 and Avant catalogs of D.A.S. Audio.

Litija, Slovenia-based MK Light Sound d.o.o. was contracted to handle the installation of Cvetlièarna Mediapark's new sound system. MK Light Sound is a design/build and consulting firm servicing both the live sound and installation markets. The company's philosophy is to offer professional and effective turnkey solutions for the pro audio and lighting markets. Mice Karov, Manager of MK Light Sound, discussed the installation.

"Cvetlicarna Mediapark has a capacity of 650 people," notes Karov. "The venue is 21 meters long by 24 meters wide, with a ceiling height of about 5 meters and a permanent stage area. With crowds of this size, we wanted to make certain that, in addition to providing solid music reproduction capabilities; the system delivered a high degree of speech intelligibility."To ensure even dispersion throughout the space and adequate SPL regardless of the type of act, Karov and his team installed four clusters of D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A powered line array elements. The left-right mains are each comprised of six Aero 12A's while two additional clusters-each consisting of two Aero 12A's-are deployed at the far sides to ensure even coverage at the extreme ends of the room. Low frequency support is provided by eight D.A.S. Audio LX-218A powered subwoofers that are evenly distributed under the stage area.

Stage and drum fills for the performers are equally impressive. For this application, the MK Sound crew deployed three D.A.S. Audio Avant 215A powered 2-way enclosures along with three Avant 18A powered subwoofers. Additionally, there are eight D.A.S. Audio SM-15A powered, 2-way stage monitors available to the performers upon request. Loudspeaker management tasks are handled by a D.A.S. Audio DSP-4080processor. Karov commented on the selection of the D.A.S. Audio loudspeaker systems. "We've been very impressed with both the sound quality and features of the D.A.S. equipment," he said. "The self-powered design of the equipment not only eliminates the issue of mating suitable power amplifiers with the loudspeakers, it eliminates the challenge of where to house the amp racks and streamlines system cabling. Further, D.A.S. Audio's customer service is first rate-they're always there when you need them and they respond ASAP. All things considered, D.A.S. makes a compelling choice."

Since its recently upgrade, numerous acts have performed with the new equipment, including Darryl McDaniels (DMC) Benjamin Begovic, and DJ Aleksij. "The reaction from the club owner, bands, and sound technicians has been just great," says Karov. "Everyone has been very pleased with the system, its sound quality, and the power it provides. When the customer is happy, I'm happy."

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