Crida Falles 2012

D.A.S. systems were on hand to provide the sound for the Crida Falles 2012 in Valencia


Early each spring Valencia becomes the epicentre of the Falles, a traditional five day celebration in commemoration of Saint Joseph that lights up the city with a multitude of processions and firework displays (also called falles). The festival is officially kicked off with a ceremony called La Crida, where this year the festival's main representative, the "Fallera Mayor", along with local and regional authorities, delivered a speech from the famous Torres de Serranos towers calling on Valencians to participate in the celebration. D.A.S. systems were on hand to provide the sound for this much anticipated event.

This year's La Crida drew a crowd of some 75,000 people with a flamboyant spectacle put on by the Maduixa Teatre as well as the magnificent fireworks of Ricardo Caballer. The colourful event included actors, acrobats and jugglers who surprised the thousands of onlookers as they dangled 20 metres up in the air, making for an extraordinary show that also included a simulation of the fire of the Torres de Serranos.

Sound company Acústica opted to use D.A.S. professional systems to cover the sound for the Falles huge opening ceremony. As the main system, Acústica technicians installed D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems. A total of 20 large-format Aero 50 units were arranged in linear formations of 10 units each, set up on either side of the main podium. Because of the length of the listening area, which extended across the Serranos bridge in front of the towers, two relay towers were set up, each one made up of six self-powered Aero 12A line array systems.

One highlight in terms of equipment was the use of the new self-powered multi-functional D.A.S. Convert systems, used as front fill systems to give appropriate coverage to the front rows, situated in a wide esplanade. To achieve the best sound, 10 self-powered Convert 12A units mounted on tripods were distributed in a wide row just at the foot of the main podium.

These systems combine the performance and reliability of D.A.S. with the latest technological advances to offer users an unparalleled level of flexibility. When paired with the Aero line array systems, they deliver unbeatable performance, achieving the highest quality sound in open-air, large-scale events like the 2012 La Crida in Valencia.

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