Crida Fallas 2014

D.A.S. professional sound systems help kick off the Fallas 2014 at the "Crida"




  The countdown to Valencia’s Fallas starts each year with the traditional “Crida”, an event that kicks off the city’s most famous celebration. D.A.S. Audio sound systems were on hand this year to ensure clear, precise sound when Carmen Sancho, the Fallera Mayor, the celebration’s official representative and “festival queen”, calls for the festivities to begin and encourages the entire city to participate in the activities organized in honor of this world-famous celebration.

The more than 50,000 people who descended upon Valencia’s impressive Torres de Serranos to celebrate the “Crida” were treated to a spectacular show by the Carros de Foc theater group. The company, a new concept in urban street theater, performed a short history of Valencia while two acrobats gave a jaw-dropping performance using the group’s signature giant mobile marionettes, in this case a doll and a horse.

Local sound company Sagarmanta was called in to handle the audio solution for this massive event and decided to bring in systems from D.A.S. Audio Series 2 catalogue of products to bring the Crida to life. To provide clear and concise sound for both the front and side of the audience a total of 32 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50s were deployed in four arrays of eight systems each on either side of the L-shaped speaker’s platform.

Given the length of frontal area to cover, which extended from the towers themselves towards the Serranos bridge, the Sagarmanta sound technicians decided to set up two relay towers. The first was rigged about 80 meters from the speaker's platform and the second 120 meters out. Both relay towers were composed of eight powered D.A.S. Aero 12A line array systems. Various systems to boost lateral sound as well as a number of stage monitors were deployed to round out the audio solution for the event.

The “Crida”, the call (“crida” means “call” in Valencian) that kicks off Valencia’s Fallas, is one of the most popular events of this yearly celebration. The Mayor of Valencia hands over the keys to the city to the Fallera Mayor, who gives a stirring speech and calls for the Fallas to begin amid the cheers of the thousands of participants eager to start the celebration. A spectacular fireworks display, the first of many during the Fallas week, caps of this traditional inaugural night.

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