Cosquín 2012

Marti Audio and D.A.S. Aero line array systems have been present at 2012 Cosquín Festival


This year marked the 52nd annual celebration of Argentina's Cosquín National Folklore Festival, and D.A.S. professional sound systems were once again on hand to provide top notch sound for the more than 11,000 spectators who descended upon Latin America's most important folk festival.

Over the course of the nine "lunas" (moons), as the festival evenings are called, renowned artists such as Jorge Rojas, Soledad Pastorutti and León Gieco, among others, took the main stage at Cosquín's Próspero Molina plaza.

Marti Audio once again headed the sound installation for the event for the sixth year running and, as in previous years, D.A.S. line array systems were selected for the project. The pressure was on: the festival is broadcast live both nationally in Argentina as well as in neighbouring countries. To guarantee flawless sound the huge 50-metre wide stage was set up with 24 large-format Aero 50 line array systems, flown at 11 metres and divided into two linear formations of 12 units each on opposite sides of the stage.

In addition, the project's sound professionals opted to install another 12 Aero 50 systems, mounted in two 6-metre high formations in out fill style, to reach the stands bordering the plaza. "Since we had such great results we repeated the same set up as last year," added Ariel Marti, company director whose designs the distribution of the equipment used at Cosquín every year.

As with the Aero 50 systems, 24 D.A.S. LX-218R subwoofer units were also flown at 11 metres in the same distribution pattern as last year, ensuring excellent coverage that garnered praise from festival operators. Each of the two towers near the stage, used for television cameras, were set up with five D.A.S. Aero 8A systems to provide coverage to the lower sections. Since the towers were covered with posters and signs they were put to use as delays for the main system.

Twelve self-powered Aero 12A line array systems carried out side fill duties, while Aero 8A systems were used as front fill, and the Compact series took care of the drum fill work. A new addition this year was the Road Series monitor in 12" and 15" models, which, as Ariel Marti attests, were a big hit: "We had a great reaction to the Road Series; the artists demonstrated their enthusiasm for the system, and this is music to the company's ears."

Putting on the Cosquín National Folklore festival every year requires a combination of technical factors that depends on many people, with shared responsibilities and loads of teamwork. Ariel Marti himself summed it up: "Each year presents us with a new challenge. We have the advantage of already being familiar with the festival, but we still work hard to improve each year."

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