Cosquin National Festival

The festival is regarded as the most important event of its kind in Latin-America


The Cosquín National Folklore Festival, one of the most remarkable Latin-American folklore events, was recently held at Plaza Próspero Molina in Cosquín (Córdoba-Argentina). The plaza, which has a capacity for 12,000 people, saw some 110.000 spectators during the nine-day-long event. In addition, the extensive media coverage of the event - with broadcasts on National TV channel Canal 7 and on Córdoba's Canal 10 - also contributed to the popularity of the show across Argentina.

For the last four years, "Marti Audio", led by Ariel Marti, has been in charge of deploying the sound system both for the Pre-Cosquín event and for the festival itself, using D.A.S. sound systems. The "Atahualpa Yupanqui" stage hosted some of the best acts in popular music including artists such as Jorge Rojas, El Chaqueño Palavecino, Jairo, León Gieco, Teresa Parodi and Liliana Herrero, Soledad Pastorutti, and Dúo Coplanacu, as well as Abel Pintos, Pedro Aznar, Peteco and Rosana Carabajal, Franco Luciani, violinist Leandro Lovato, Los 4 de Córdoba, Grupo Quebracho, Los Alonsitos, Carlos Difulvio, Los Tekis, Juan Falú, Facundo Toro and Alfredo Abalos, among others.

"Marti Audio" was founded Ariel Marti in 1986. The company specializes in the design, installation and sound coverage for concerts, festivals, tours, functions, conventions, presentations, trade shows and other events. "Marti Audio" has established itself as a market leader, permanently enhancing its equipment and expanding its workforce with professionals from different parts of the country. "Thanks to the support and guidance of manufacturers and distributors, both national and international, our more than 20 years of expertise have enabled us to earn the trust of some of the country's finest artists, producers, agents and management companies, and have allowed us to be present at the biggest events in our country", claims Ariel.

Ariel Marti himself was in charge of the PA system, which basically consisted of twenty-four Aero 48 line array systems, flying 12 on each side of the stage at a height of approximately 40 feet. On this occasion 20 LX-218 sub units were used for low-frequency response. Eight Aero 28 A systems were placed along the front edge of the stage as a frontfill and sixteen Aero 28 were used as an outfill for side coverage given the large crowd. "The idea was to ensure maximum sound consistency, and we achieved this as the sound system was really powerful but without distortion, just as we have come to expect from Aero 48", explains Ariel. Marti used three mixers to control all five sections of the stage setup; a 48-channel Yamaha PM 5D for the main acts, a 48-channel Yamaha PM 4000 for the revolving stages and a 56-channel DDA QII mixer for the front and side stages. Two Dolby Lake processors were also used to monitor the entire P.A. system and the side coverage of the main system.

In order to ensure sound consistency throughout the performing area, a series of Stage Monitor units were used. A total of ten SML-12 and sixteen SM-15 enclosures were used, managed by a Yamaha M7CL, a DDA QII and an Allen & Heath ML 4000 digital mixer. Ten, Aero 28´s were placed as a sidefill at the front of the stage, directed at the leading vocalists, together with eight Variant 112 systems as sidefill backup. Eight Aero 182 subs were introduced for low-frequency reinforcement, while two CA-215A and two Compact 115 systems were used as a drumfill, for a non-compromising reproduction of the entire drum range.

This was the 49th edition of a festival that covers all the different expressions of national folklore, like traditional singing, music and dancing. The festival is regarded by socio-cultural experts as the most important event of its kind in Latin-America, and the third most important in the world. Among other activities, the festival included the 23rd Argentinian Congress on Man and Culture - held at the Convention Room - the 43rd "Augusto Raúl Cortazar" Craftwork and Popular Art Tradeshow, the Conference of Poets, exhibitions and cultural workshops, and the Book Show.

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