Copa America kicks off with D.A.S.

Millions of TV viewers the world over saw the America Cup games


The 42nd Americas Soccer Cup, the "Copa America", kicked off in Venezuela at refurbished stadiums and brand new sports arenas which were built especially for this event. D.A.S. systems were chosen for the public address and messaging systems, including the stands and access areas for all of the nine venues hosting the tournament. These systems were supplied and installed by the Spanish company, "Auditel" (Audiovisuales y Telecomunicación, S.A.), who boost ample experience in sports facility installations.

Three new stadiums were built including the Monumental Stadium in the town of Maturin, the Lara Metropolitan Stadium in Barquisimeto and the Merida Metropolitan Stadium in the city of Merida. Systems from the D.A.S Dynamics and BiDriver series were installed in these stadiums and the decision to use them was backed by the D.A.S. Engineering and Projects Department based on a model project designed by Victor Catalá Iborra, confirming their suitability for this type of venue. All of these systems are specifically designed to be used out in the open where they are at the mercy of the elements. They were manufactured to comply with the current IP-54 standards for outdoor use, which include resistance to water and dust, guaranteeing both their durability and effectiveness at events of this size. In the Venezuelan stadiums, a total of 452 BiDriver and 359 DS-12T systems were installed. The D.A.S. BiDriver is a unique two-way, mid-high frequency unit, using a co-axial speaker and a constant dispersion horn, designed to provide high sensitivity and exceptional control of directivity.

When designing a sound system, distribution of the acoustic components becomes essential so that the optimum acoustic level reaches every listener. Auditel has a proven track record in this field and a prime example of this is the installation of the public address and messaging systems, including the stands, access areas and exteriors at 44 first and second division soccer stadiums in Spain. The company's installation experience in Argentina, Morocco, Portugal and Paraguay proved to be a winning factor at the time of bidding for this project. Going back to the installations, DS-12T systems from the Dynamic series were also installed in different areas of the stadiums, primarily in the stands and interior access areas. Although these areas do not need special outdoor equipment, the decision was made to install them because of their long-term durability and performance.

The combination of BiDriver and Dynamics DS-12T systems provided the required level of uniform sound across all of the stands and access areas, despite the different layouts of each stadium. Overall, the results were more than satisfactory and an average of 40,000 spectators in each stadium were witness to a public announcement and messaging system that really produced accurate voice messages. D.A.S Audio's excellent reputation in sports stadium installations stems from its emblematic sound system installation back in 1990 at the huge "Delle Alpi" Stadium (or Alps Stadium) in Turin. With a capacity of 70,000 people, the stadium was built to host the Soccer World Cup in 1990 and is the home ground of the famous Juventud soccer team. Since then many stadiums and sports arenas all over the world have been equipped with D.A.S. sound systems, complementing the quality of their installations as well as solving their acoustic problems.

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