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The Convert made it's debut this summer at the Arenal Sound Festival


The Arenal Sound Festival held from the 2nd to the 5th of August on the Arenal Beach in Burriana, Spain is a one of a kind event. Music on the stages of the Arenal Sound Festival starts at 17:30 and goes on till 9:30 the next morning. Add to these long hours, extreme heat, high humidity, 23 acts a night on three different stages with over 45,000 "sounders" at the main stage alone, and you have one of the most punishing festivals for both the gear and the crew.

The Convert made it´s debut this summer at the Arenal Sound Festival. In development for over two years, the new Convert arrayable loudspeaker is a powered, multi-function system incorporating a series of breakthrough features that offer an unmatched level of versatility. The Convert features an innovative system which provides user-definable dispersion characteristics, allowing the system to be deployed as either a curved source array or used individually as a point source.

As the Convert name implies, the horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of the system can be "converted", to meet the specific requirements of almost any application. This is achieved using the proprietary Digitally Convertible DispersionTM (DCDTM) presets which modify the coupling plane dispersion of the Convert from 20º to 40º. Non-coupling plane dispersion can also be optimized using a combination of dispersion panels and digital presets to achieve 60º, 75º asymmetrical or 90º of coverage.

Twelve of the Convert units were used for both side-fill and front-fill during the festival. Three units in a horizontal array stacked on two LX-218CA powered subwoofers were placed on each side of the stage providing artists on the main stage with impressive clarity and power. A similar set-up was deployed as front-fills on each side of the stage stacked on the front line of subs. The 3 unit horizontal array was used in conjunction with two Aero 12A stacks at front center stage.

All of the Convert systems were monitored and controlled using the DASnetTM remote monitoring and control software, an audio management application for D.A.S. powered cabinets and processors. DASnetTM software gives the user instant and intuitive control over certain parameters of a single cabinet or processor or a network of them. Metering of all units is shown in the status window; two views are available, basic and advanced. A quick click on either the meters or the unit brings it up for editing. Gain, polarity, presets, delay can be changed and as well monitoring the loads, temperature, power, voltage and current.

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