Club 8 Dallas

Club 8 in Dallas, Texas pulsates to the sound of D.A.S. Audio






‘The Ultimate Dallas Nightclub Venue”, Club 8 consists of 10,000 square feet, has 39 VIP tables, is connected to a 7000 square foot pool area that has 10 VIP cabanas with 6 circular lounge beds, as well as ballrooms that can be used for private events. This property operates on a high level, so outfitting the venue with an equally impressive sound system was no small undertaking. That’s why Club 8 management ultimately selected a sizeable sound reinforcement system drawn from the catalog of D.A.S. Audio.

Kevin Deal of GC Pro, the outside sales division of Guitar Center was contracted to design and install Club 8’s sound reinforcement system. Working in conjunction with Plano, TX-based DJSL, who served as the installation contractor, Deal’s goal was to deploy a ‘festival style’ sound system that was ultimately centered around a collection of D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array elements and LX218-CA powered arrayable subwoofers. Deal discussed the project.

“Club 8 has a wide range of musical entertainment. They primarily feature DJ acts that play electronic dance music, but they also have shows that include both regional and national acts. It was imperative that we assemble a sound system capable of supporting high end musical performances. After several walkthroughs and revisions, we sent our design to Carlos Henao, D.A.S. Audio’s U.S. Accounts Manager, who fine-tuned the system.”

To provide coverage for the main area, a combination of twelve D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array elements were flown—with two clusters (left and right), each with six enclosures. Low frequency support is provided by twelve LX-218CA subwoofers, positioned on the floor and six enclosures per side. To service the back area of the club, there is a delay system comprised of two clusters, each with three D.A.S. Audio Convert 12A powered array elements.

For monitoring purposes, Club 8 has four D.A.S. Audio Avant 15A compact full range point source loudspeaker enclosures. Additionally, there are another four D.A.S. Action 12A powered enclosures. Outside, there is a second zone with a pool area. Consisting of four D.A.S. Convert 18A powered subwoofers and six Convert 12 powered array enclosures, this equipment creates a two point line array setup with flown subwoofers directly above the pool.

When queried about the overall performance of their new D.A.S. Audio equipment and the support provided by the company, Deal offered the following thoughts. “D.A.S. is among the best in the industry when it comes to technical and customer support. Their involvement with the system’s design was very ‘hands on’, which shows that they were really invested in all aspects of the project. The equipment is performing beautifully.”

Ross Endinboro, the General Manager for the Night Hotel, where Club 8 resides, is equally enthusiastic. “This is, by far, the best sound in any Dallas club.”

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