City Beats Club Austria

D.A.S. Audio's Sound Force gets installed at City Beat Club in Salzburg (Austria)





D.A.S. Audio’s state-of-the-art Sound Force systems, designed for today’s high-level dance venues, recently made their European debut at City Beats in Salzburg. Located in the historical and freshly renovated Sternbräu building, City Beats is one of the Austrian city’s trendiest club, drawing in the crowds looking for a unique place to dance the night away.

The venue’s owners called in local company Licht Ton Video to handle the sound installation for this modern and cutting-edge club. At the head of this project was company owner Markus Schwenter, who joined forces with Johannes Stummer and K24 Technik & Vertrieb, D.A.S. Audio distributor in Austria, and recommended the installation of D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Force systems. This loudspeaker range was designed for venues like City Beats, where the club’s size, shape, dazzling décor and superb sound make a powerful system and a striking visual design a must.

City Beats was fitted out with two hangs that include two SF-215 systems and one SF-112 system each, which were flown from the ceiling and angled to provide end-to-end coverage to the club’s main room. These systems provide the definition needed for the club´s dance music and feature D.A.S. D-100 amplifiers, designed to deliver the corresponding signal levels and the highest standards of sound quality.

Four of the unique SF-30A powered subwoofer systems provide that crucial low-end; these systems incorporate an innovate moving magnet linear motor design and a ultra-high power amplifier and a revolutionary 30" polyethylene cone that offers SPL equal to the level generated by two 21” speakers.

The sound technicians recommended drawing from D.A.S. Audio’s Artec 500 and Arco Series of products for the club’s entrances, adjacent areas and bars. Eight Artec 510 systems, two Artec 508 systems and eight Arco 4T systems were brought in and paired with D.A.S. D and CSA-T Series amplifiers. The professional sound system was topped off with a set of four Artec 508A powered systems as monitors for the DJ booth.

The D.A.S. Audio Sound Force systems installed at City Beats back the nightclub’s reputation for top-of-the-line sound and are the perfect match for the venue’s philosophy: the name itself refers to the heartbeat of the city. Holding strong on Salzburg’s party circuit, City Beats has created a series of rooms dedicated to various global destinations, each with a décor designed to evoke scenes from some of the world’s top clubs.


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