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Hangzhou Chuangda Stage Facilities coordinated the installations at two chinese Clubs


Throughout China, the ability to bring the music to life and provide clear, crisp sound reinforcement has taken on an entirely new meaning and, to help ensure the music is as vibrant as possible; two popular nightspots recently deployed new sound reinforcement systems drawn from the Aero Series 2 and Avant product catalogs of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.

Hangzhou Chuangda Stage Facilities, the authorized D.A.S. Audio dealer in Eastern China, coordinated the installation of new sound systems at two popular Chinese clubs . With both projects, Jiang Chao, the company's General Manager, and Xiao Zhao, their Technical Representative, determined that D.A.S. active systems made a terrific choice for these clubs since power amplification was already optimized for the characteristics of each loudspeaker model. By choosing self-powered systems, they also saved space since they didn't have to find storage place for multiple power amps and, equally notable, system cabling was more streamlined.

At owner Ping Ge's 'IN-Bar' in Taizhou, Zhejian, China, a whopping twenty-four D.A.S. Audio Avant 15A powered loudspeakers were deployed. Providing all the low-end "oomph" one could possibly want, a combination of six LX-218A powered, high performance subwoofers deliver low frequency support. Going one step further, and additional five Avant 118A powered horn-bass subwoofers complete the setup. A D.A.S. Audio DSP-2060 processor handles system controls.

Xiao Zhao commented on the advantages of deploying the Avant 15A loudspeakers as part of the setup, "The Avant 15A includes a rotatable horn that enables one to control the unit's coverage. By rotating the horn, we were able to get the same coverage by flying the speakers horizontally. The LX-218A and Avant-118As handle low frequency reproduction beautifully. Having applied time-alignment parameters via the DSP-2060, these subs complement one another very nicely."

At the 'HJFB Bar' in Zhoushan, Zhejian, China, owner Fang Hua elected to have a similar setup installed. For this project, eight D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A loudspeaker enclosures-flown four elements per side in a left-right configuration-serve as the house mains. These loudspeakers are augmented by twelve Avant 15A loudspeakers, which are placed as delay fills. For low frequency support, five LX-218A subwoofers are augmented by an additional four Avant 118A sub bass enclosures. A D.A.S. Audio DSP-4080 processor handles system controls.

"With the trend of bars in China having singing performances every night we're dealing with a system that is very versatile," explained Xiao Zhao. "The loudspeakers were specifically placed in a manner that the singers have the freedom to move around while ensuring enough coverage and high SPL levels for all areas. With both installations, the combination of D.A.S. Audio's Aero Series 2 and Avant loudspeaker systems was the ideal choice to address these conditions."

Eduardo Lopez, D.A.S. Audio Asia's Business Operations Manager, reflected on the company's recent growth in the region. "With D.A.S. Audio's vast selection of products to address a wide range of sound reinforcement applications, and China's growing interest in Active speaker systems, I'm confident there will be many more opportunities for us to expand this emerging market"

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