Centre d’Immersió Vila-sana

D.A.S. Audio systems for 7.1 sound at the CIM in Vila-sana





The Centre d'Immersió (CIM) in Vila-sana (Lleida) has recently been fitted out with a D.A.S. professional sound system. The space, designed to provide immersive audiovisual experiences, features a 10-meter-high and two-meter-wide massive curved screen with anthropometric measurements that make it possible for spectators to spatially identify with the visual content on the screen.

The CIM managers wanted to equip the venue with 7.1 sound to enhance the sense of realism of the audiovisual content and called in Tarragona-based company Rent Creative, S.L. to design a system that could meet the venue’s requirements. The sound technicians studied the CIM’s size and layout and recommended a sound solution based on D.A.S. Audio’s versatile and robust Action Series.

The CIM’s spectacular new sound set-up features six D.A.S. Action 8A powered two-way systems paired with an Action 18A powered subwoofer for the powerful low-end punch that low-frequency sound effects require. The system provides 360º coverage throughout the room to increase the sense of reality for every seat in the house.

This compact, dynamic PA system created with D.A.S. Audio Action Series cabinets provides the manufacturer’s trademark outstanding performance and definition. These highly versatile systems offer exceptional sound quality for the full range of audiovisual events celebrated at the CIM.

Significantly, the effect of 7.1 surround sound recreates a realistic sense of distance in terms of sound that enhances the creation of experimental acoustic effects, particularly with images related to nature and the outdoors. The use of three projectors ensures that a single image is projected without interruption and makes other standard formats (4/3, 16/9, etc.) possible as well.

A range of different cultural events, product launches, inaugurations, briefings, press conferences and a host of cultural and social activities are celebrated at the CIM in Vila-sana. The showing of "La Pel.lícula de l'Estany" has been a regular on the venue’s event calendar ever since it opened its doors; filmed in 4K, timelapse and drone, the movie has a soundtrack that takes the viewer on a journey through the landscape of L'Estany d 'Ivars –the largest lake in Catalonia– and its stunning ecosystem.


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