Centrálna Slovakia

D.A.S. Audio Action and Arco systems at Centrálna in Bratislava, Slovakia




  D.A.S. professional sound systems have recently been installed to provide the music for one of Bratislava’s largest beer parlors. Centrálna Klubovňa, one of the Slovakian capital’s most popular spots where good beer, tasty food and an excellent atmosphere are always on tap, now includes systems from D.A.S. Audio’s Action and Arco series of products to provide background music and bring the live performances held at the beer parlor to life.

Centrálna Klubovňa is a 1,400 m² restaurant and pub distributed on two floors with seating for over 500 people. The venue is the Klubovňa group’s flagship location and the owners of the chain of beer parlors contacted Slovak company G-Tec Professional s.r.o. to handle Centrálna Klubovňa’s new sound. G-Tec Project Manager Martin Kubinec headed the project under the supervision of Klubovňa CEO Martin Gustafik.

The G-Tec technicians recommended the D.A.S. Audio’s Action and Arco systems to meet the specific requirements of each of the venue’s different spaces. The area that required the greatest sound pressure level was fitted out with 8” Action 8 passive full-range loudspeakers. Twelve of these systems were installed around the main pub area on the first floor of the venue, where live performances are held on weekends.

D.A.S. Audio’s Arco Series were used throughout the rest of Centrálna Klubovňa. A total of 17 Arco 24 systems, which feature a dual 4” speaker and 8 Arco 12Sub subwoofers, handle the sound in the second-floor dining area, which is complete with a number of LED screens where guests can watch their favorite sports live. The discreet and compact Arco systems, ideal for providing background music in these types of spaces, were also installed in the game area, where guests can play darts and foosball. To round out the installation D.A.S. Ceiling systems were installed at the entrance and in the bathrooms and the entire system receives its corresponding signals through Audac brand amplifiers.

Centrálna Klubovňa is one of the trendiest spots in Bratislava with a one-of a-kind atmosphere. Guests can enjoy more than fifteen kinds of Belgian and British beer as well the house specialty Zlatý Bažant 12˚ tank beer, impossible to find anywhere else in Slovakia. The extensive selection of beer is paired with an equally ample menu, with a range of specialties that feature Asian/Mediterranean fusion and a spectacular grill.

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