Cendera Center

Cendera Center in Fort Worth, has installed D.A.S. Aero Series 2 professional sound systems


The recently opened Cendera Center is a multipurpose facility designed to accommodate a wide range of functions, including fine arts performances, meetings, training sessions / presentations, events, parties, etc. After evaluating a variety of systems, the consultants and client agreed that a self-powered setup drawn from the Aero Series 2 of D.A.S. Audio was, without question, the right way to go.

Fort Worth-based Sowden and Associates, an acoustics and entertainment technologies consultancy, and American Audio Visual (also of Ft. Worth), a design/build firm that operates a rental house for the special events market, pooled their efforts in the design of Cendera Center's new sound reinforcement setup. Christopher 'Topper' Sowden, Principal Consultant of Sowden and Associates, and Mike Horn, President of American Audio Visual demonstrated systems to Cendera Center personnel comprised of D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2. Sowden and Horn discussed the attributes of the D.A.S. system.

"Cendera Center was designed to accommodate a broad assortment of activities," Horn explained, "and, as such, it was critical for the system to not only provide first-class sound quality, it also needed to be relatively compact so as to facilitate the resulting three stage positions in Cendera Hall, which is the primary entertainment space at Cendera Center. The system's self-powered design was important, as it virtually eliminates the necessity of housing separate power amplifiers." Topper added, "This approach resulted in a reduction in overall system cost while maintaining the quality of the system, which Cendera representatives indicated was most important."

The main sound reinforcement system at Cendera Center consists of two primary clusters-each consisting of five Aero 12A mid-high line array elements. These two flown clusters are augmented by two D.A.S. Aero LX-215RA band-pass subwoofers per side, which reside behind the Aero 12A's. Additionally, a pair of Aero 12A's is used for sidefill purposes.

In addition to the D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A and Aero LX-215RA enclosures, a total of six D.A.S. Aero 8A ultra-compact, 2-way line array elements complete the system. These loudspeakers are used in sidefill, frontfill, and delay capacities. A single Aero 8A is deployed to the extreme left and right sides of the house mains to provide coverage for the far sides of the hall. Another two Aero 8A's are typically placed for frontfill, and the remaining two enclosures are deployed roughly 35 feet out into the room-one each left and right-for delay purposes.

Brain Collins, Cendera Center's President, offered this parting thought, "We've been very pleased with the new sound system's performance. The audio quality is everything I had envisioned for the room and the versatility of the system is quite impressive. We've received numerous positive comments from our clients. The combined efforts of 'Topper' Sowden and Mike Horn have resulted in a system that delivers upon the promise of superior sound quality for all the events that take place here."

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