Castellon's La Galania

Equip's Só i LLum, S.L., led by Vicente Ros, was entrusted with this task


D.A.S. Aero systems were present at "La Galanía", an event held in Castellón in honour of the Queen of the Magdalena Festivities, María Mulet Ripollés. The event took place at La Pérgola Exhibition Centre and included a live show made up by a series of passages which portrayed the origins of the city of Castellón, its patron saint's "troballa" and the role of the matrons, ladies-in-waiting and the queen of the festivities.

For this magnificent show, featuring renderings by a live orchestra, the Castellón music landmark saw a careful sound and lighting deployment. Villarreal based . For the sound provision, the technical crew in charge of the installation turned to D.A.S. Aero proven powered line array systems.

To ensure consistent sound coverage throughout the venue, 4 Aero 38A systems were used, plus another 8 Aero 28A systems, arranged in two linear clusters and placed at both sides of the stage. Each of these clusters consisted of 2 Aero 38A systems, to which a further 4 Aero 28A systems were added, flown from the former by means of the AX-Combo rigging adaptor. 4 powerful D.A.S. Aero 218A 2K subwoofer systems were placed at the edge of the stage for low-frequency reinforcement.

The great benefits of the D.A.S. Aero self-powered line array systems were revealed throughout the two-and-a-half-hour-plus event. The versatility, consistent response, ease of use, and easy fixing thanks to the simple and efficient rigging system integrated in each module, all make Aero systems the best choice for this type of event.

The FOH, led by Vicente Ros himself, successfully managed all relevant previous equipment equalization, monitor adjustment for musicians, microphones (both traditional and wireless) and the powered systems' signal processing tasks. Illumination engineers also did a remarkable job to satisfy the particular requirements of the show resulting from the specific characteristics of the round-shaped venue.

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