Cape Verde Celebrates Music

The stage was the focal point which packed around 100,000 people


The 23rd edition of the Baia das Gatas International Music Festival was recently held in Cape Verde. It is the islands' oldest music festival and just like in previous years it attracted many tourists from abroad as well as from the other islands that form the archipelago.

The company Marius Producoes Lda, directed by Mario Bettencourt, took charge of producing the entire event, providing both its sound system and audiovisual set-up. The stage was the focal point of the beach esplanade which was packed with around 100,000 people.

African rhythms filled the air at the Baia das Gatas beach from eight in the evening until eight in the morning all weekend. Aero 48 line array systems were used for the sound reinforcement system, excelling in their performance throughout the entire weekend. Eight Aero 48 units were flown on each side of the stage together with eight Aero 218 subwoofer systems, stacked on the floor on each side. The system was powered by 24 D.A.S model SLA 4000 amplifiers.

For stage side-fill, two Compact 2 units were flown on each side in tandem with two Compact 218 subwoofer units for bass reinforcement. 14 model ST-15 units were used for the stage monitor system powered by E-8 and E-12 amplifiers from the D.A.S Energy range providing uniformity of coverage for the whole performance area.

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