Campo Aníbal

Campo Aníbal brings in D.A.S. Audio for their new facilities


Tucked amongst the orchards of El Puig and just 20 km from Valencia is Campo Aníbal, a centuries-old masía (country estate) that offers its elegant banquet halls, rooms and magnificent gardens for a range of private and corporate events. This idyllic venue - perfect for any type event, from weddings and baptisms to product presentations and conventions - has recently undergone an expansion project that included new interior and exterior spaces for events as well as the installation of a complete new D.A.S. professional sound system.

Telesonic Valencia, S.L., with seasoned sound professional Paco Planells at the helm, was contracted to design and install Aníbal’s new cutting-edge D.A.S. sound system. The sound technicians were able to choose from the ample catalogue of D.A.S. Audio products to best tailor the sound to each of Campo Aníbal’s unique new spaces.

Planells and the Telesonic Valencia team opted to install ten Artec 8W systems in the masía’s new banquet hall: white and discrete, these systems blend seamlessly with the hall’s well-appointed décor. These versatile systems can be mounted on walls, ceilings and columns, as well as in a vertical or horizontal position. Three D.A.S. PS-800 power amplifiers drive these compact yet high performance systems.

Campo Aníbal’s new mobile disco is the ideal place for a wedding reception, where guests can dance the night away to music pumped out by D.A.S. Action self-powered systems. Built as part of the venue’s expansion project, the new space boasts four D.A.S. Action 12A systems which were mounted on the joists that support the roof of the room. Two Action 18A subwoofers were groundstacked to provide consistent low frequency support during any type of celebration that includes music and dancing, and the entire system is handled by a D.A.S. DSP-26 signal processor.

The hallways and entrances to these new rooms were fitted out with systems from the D.A.S. Arco series, a mix of the Arco 4W 4" speaker and the Arco 24W double speaker models. To reduce the visual impact of the estate’s new system and in keeping with the models installed in the new banquet halls, the Telesonic Valencia team opted for the white version of the Arco speakers.

The crown jewel of Campo Aníbal’s new space is a covered pergola just steps from the masía. With its vine covered columns and views of Campo Aníbal’s magnificent gardens the pergola is the ideal spot for cocktails, and this open but intimate setting is used throughout the year as a greeting area for guests and for events in the warm summer months. Eight weather resistant D.A.S. DR-8WIP54 outdoor full-range systems and 12 Arco 24W systems were installed, along with amplifiers from the rugged D.A.S. PS series.

To round off the installation the sound technicians from Telesonic Valencia installed 14 Arco 4TW systems on the terrace next to the guest parking lot. Distributed to provide background music for the entire area, these systems were set up in 100 volt lines and were paired with the sturdy D.A.S. Audio CSA-T amplifier. Guests are now guaranteed superb sound in all corners of Campo Aníbal and at any type of event held at the estate, which is testament to both the quantity and the quality of the top-of-the-line D.A.S. systems that were installed.

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