Calvary City Church

The church counted with a satisfactory experience of a installation based on Variant


The main congregation of Calvary City Church (previously known as Calvary Charismtic Centre) is located in the city of Johor Bahru, located at the southern most part of Peninsular Malaysia. Founded in the year 1980, the church now has more than 20 satellite and outreach churches found mostly in the state of Johor. Weekly services are conduct in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Nepali and Vietnamese languages.

The church counted with a satisfactory assessment and experience of a previous installation based on D.A.S. Variant combination in a hall with capacity for 300 people. Recently they built a new hall for 450 people to cater to the needs of growing congregations, and as a part of the new facility, new sound reinforcement system was specified. Albert Cheam, as a member of the project team, was tasked with specifying the audio visual system for the new hall. The primary requirement of the new sound system was to fulfill the style and performance demands of a young and dynamic group of musicians.

Isaac Ho, General Manager of DB Sound and Light, D.A.S. Dealer in Johor Bahru, comments: "In 2006 we installed VARIANT-25A in the existing hall after participating in a product shoot out competing with other brands. During this time, we have always received positive feedback from the church representatives, in terms of sonic quality, remarking that the speakers remain undistorted at high SPL levels. From there, an intention was made to maintain DAS Systems throughout the whole church, including the new hall."

Issac continues: "We have a long and close relationship with Calvary City Church and we knew perfectly well their requirements for the new hall. Working together with Syarikat Instraco's engineer Jimmy Lim and their sales staff on this project, who provided their advice and back up support, we arranged a demonstration with VARIANT-112A and made a proposal for the new sound system. As the Project Team were very keen about using D.A.S. products, the demo just confirmed their thoughts and the D.A.S. Audio VARIANT system was chosen for this installation.

In regards of the specific characteristics of the project, Issac indicates: "Due to the height limitation upon studying the venue, we were prevented from using the VARIANT-112A system in a Line Array configuration. Thanks to the versatility of the D.A.S. Audio VARIANT Series, we decided to use the VARIANT-112A´s in single full-range cabinet mode, combined with VARIANT-18A Subwoofers for the FOH System. By adding two more cabinets at the centre of the hall as a delayed speaker system, a uniform sound pressure level covering the audio spectrum was achieved from the first rows of audience seating to the last.

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