Café 601 Miami

Café 601 at AmericanAirlines Arena Upgrades with D.A.S. Audio




From left: Jorge Arronte, David Vickery, Damian Gaviria, Brad Duval, and Javier Caballero.


Located along Miami’s scenic Biscayne Bay, AmericanAirlines Arena is home to the NBA’s Miami Heat basketball team while also serving as a leading venue for concerts and a variety of other attractions. Its Café 601 at AmericanAirlines Arena, previously known as Bongos, recently received a substantial facility upgrade from the WR, Artec 300, and Artec 500 series catalogs of D.A.S. Audio.

Jorge Arronte, manager of sound, is responsible for the various installed fixed and portable audio systems at AmericanAirlines Arena, including the facility’s computer systems for control and equalization. He discusses the Café 601 overhaul and his reasons for deploying the various D.A.S. Audio point source loudspeakers.

 “Café 601 has the capability of doing it all—from DJ’s to live bands,” Arronte adds. “Using our Dante audio network, we can connect a band or DJ with a localized sound system outside and pipe it into the space—providing an even wave of clean, robust sound with the help of our new D.A.S. loudspeakers. For this project, we installed 10 D.A.S. WR-6412DX loudspeakers, 15 Artec 508, 12 Artec 310.64, 8 Artec 510, and 3 Artec 526 loudspeaker systems. Low frequency support is handled using 4 Artec 322S bass reflex subwoofers. We started the facility upgrade last November and everything was operational for the opening in January.”

With projects of this complexity, questions inevitably arise. In this regard, Arronte was, once again, very pleased with D.A.S. Audio’s customer and technical support services.

Arronte was particularly impressed with the Artec 508 for this job. “I love the clarity and full sound of the D.A.S. Artec 508 loudspeaker,” he reports, “which is a relatively small box. There’s not much tweaking of the sound necessary to achieve smooth, intelligible vocals for both meetings and music reproduction. This is true of all the D.A.S. loudspeakers, but that little guy, in particular, is one clean, powerful loudspeaker.”

“All through the design and installation process,” he said, “we always knew D.A.S. Audio’s Miami-based support team was there for us. They promptly answered all our questions and brought demo product by so we could make informed purchase decisions for the various areas.”

Since the January opening, the new loudspeaker equipment at Café 601 and the adjacent Cabana 601 has received plenty of use and Arronte reports he couldn’t be happier.

“Now that everything is in place, we are very happy with our decision to include D.A.S. Audio in our project. The sound is excellent, the facility is enjoying the audio, and the arena has received numerous compliments; both via email and straight from guests attending various functions. The AmericanAirlines Arena and our Miami Heat fans are enjoying the space completely.”


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