Cadena 100 Extremadura

Indalo Sonido carries out the 20 anniversary of Radio Hornachos Festival in Lobón (Badajoz)


The D.A.S. Aero line array systems played a major role in the festival held in Lobón (Badajoz) for the 20th anniversary celebration of the local radio station, Radio Hornachos, which belongs to the state network Cadena 100. The event, attended by more than 6,000 people from all over the province, featured various artists such as Grupo Radio Macandé, Junior, the veteran group Chunguitos and several contestants from the current season of Operación Triunfo.

The system assembled by the technicians from Indalo Sonido was comprised of twelve Aero 38A powered line array systems and ten powered subwoofer Aero 218A 2K systems, which were used for base reinforcement. The modern D.A.S. 15" SM-15A powered Stage Monitors were used to complete the set for the different performers.

As Indalo Montero, the owner and Technical Director at Indalo Sonido, comments, "The use of the D.A.S. line array systems is extremely interesting at these types of festivals, where various groups, with diverse styles and different sound engineers, take part. These systems adapt to any musical style and the advantage of being powered lets us go from playing folk music to hard rock, even traditional flamenco, easily, quickly and with minimal adjustment."

The spacious "Auditorio Joven", the event´s venue, was packed until the early morning hours. All night long buses from neighbouring areas dropped off people hungry for a musical atmosphere, and as the festival came to an end DJ's played some of today´s top hits to the delight of the younger crowd.

Indalo Sonido, a company based in Mérida (Badajoz), has carried out other sound installations throughout Extremadura this season, among which the tour of the group Barbas de Oro, with important shows in Almendralejo and in the Teatro López in Ayala, Badajoz, holds special importance. It is also worth highlighting the sound at various events and concerts that took place during the Jornadas Medievales (Medieval Fair) celebrated in Valencia de Alcántara, which culminated with the Boda Regia, which celebrates the 1497 marriage of the Infanta Isabel, daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, to the King of Portugal, Manuel "the fortunate".

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