BUJU 2012 Germany

D.A.S. Audio and GJW pair up to bring sound at BUJU 2012


Every two years scores of youth descend upon the Northern German village of Krelingen for a four-day youth summit that celebrates faith and spirituality through a variety of activities that include camping, concerts, plays and speeches. Organized by the GJW (German Youth Union), this year’s celebration was attended by upwards of 1,200 local and international youths. GJW developed a unique program that touched on youth issues, culture and language, building this year’s BUJU festival around the concept of “The Soundtrack of Your Life”. D.A.S. Audio systems were the perfect choice to bring clear, precise sound to an event that tied together music and spirituality through a range of different performances.

The BUJU summit is known for reaching out to teens through a loose and dynamic program that speaks to young people through performances by bands like Sacrety and Soundbar as well as through workshops, plays and sermons. Event organizers at GJW had experienced problems with the festival’s PA system in the past and recognized the need for a versatile system that was easily adaptable to both musical and spoken word reproduction. Local Bochun sound company Soundart was called in to bring the BUJU‘s PA system up to speed with one goal in mind: clear, concise sound across the four-day event.

The sound team, headed by System Engenieers Benjamin Hartmann and Christopher Leisten, decided to roll out sixteen D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A line array systems for the main PA. The units were flown on either side of the stage in the 3,300-person capacity conference hall and were augmented with four Aero 8A ultra-compact line arrays, ideal for near field applications. Nine high-performance D.A.S.LX-218A subwoofers were set up in an end-fire array to guarantee concise sound, and four D.A.S. Audio Convert 12A powered, two-way curved source array units were used as delay loudspeakers.

To handle the different requirements of the various performance the Soundart team deployed eight D.A.S. Audio 2-way powered Road 15A wedges across the front for stage monitoring and used two Convert 12A line-arrays stacked on LX-215A units for side fill. The entire system was controlled by the powerful D.A.S. Audio DSP 4080 audio processor.

Event organizers were pleased with the sound quality across the four-day event and noted that the improved clarity and dispersion of all the units in one big system resulted in a positive experience for all involved. The professional audio setup by Soundart and the high-performance D.A.S. Audio systems helped this year’s BUJU participants enjoy “the soundtrack of their lives”.

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