Brent Council Fireworks London

D.A.S. Audio makes a bang at the Brent Council Fireworks at Wembley Park in London





The annual Brent Fireworks moved to its new home this year, the iconic Arena Square in Wembley Park. This exciting, family-friendly event provides vibrant live entertainment, mouth-watering street food and a spectacular fireworks display set to an outstanding soundtrack to top off the day with a bang. D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems were on hand this year to deliver flawless sound to the 15,000+ fans who packed into Wembley Park for the event.

PF Events, a London-based technical event service supplier, was contracted to coordinate the sound for the Brent Fireworks event. Company director Adam Savant and his crew were faced with a singular challenge: design a sound system for the area directly outside the SSE Arena that could provide everything from clear speech intelligibility for the radio presenters at Wembley to music to the countdown to the fireworks show.

The crew also had to start their set up at dawn and were required to be in and out on the same day. Add wind and rough weather and the PF Events crew had their work cut out for them. Given this set of limitations, Savant and his sound technicians opted to deploy a line array system drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2 line of products – installation is a breeze with the Aero 20A’s built-in amplification and setup control software, DASnet™, remote monitoring and control software that makes it possible to pre-set the system before flying it in the air.

The main PA designed by Savant consisted of 16 Aero 20A compact line array systems flown in a classic left-right configuration of eight units per hang. These high-performance cabinets, designed for the live sound market, include a quick-rig system for easy rigging/stacking, making them the perfect solution for PF Events’ quick turnaround restrictions.

The Aero 20As were paired with 12 LX-118A subwoofers for the crucial low-frequency punch. The LX-118A units feature captive rigging hardware that makes it possible for the Aero 20A to be flown directly below the subwoofers without the need for adaptors. Artec 510 two-way passive systems were rolled out for front fill and provided precise coverage over the course of the event. The entire system was controlled by DASnet™ active monitoring software, ensuring both superb performance and easy, user-friendly sound management.

The system performed flawlessly and fans, the sound team and the client alike were thrilled with PF Events’ curated sound. “The system worked really well, even in the inclement weather,” said Adam Savant. “I was very happy with the performance and control of the Aero 20A. Whilst it was a long day, everything worked perfectly and Brent Council was very happy”.


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