Bonfire Night UK

D.A.S. professional sound systems at the Bonfire Night in Plymouth, United Kingdom





Bonfire Night is an annual event celebrated across England to commemorate the failure of a plot to assassinate King James I of England by blowing up London’s Parliament in the seventeenth century. Celebrations include bonfires, musical performances, lighting effects and the famous fireworks displays, and D.A.S. Aero Series 2 professional sound systems were on hand at this year’s Bonfire Night in Plymouth to help bring sound to the thousands of spectators who turned out for the show.

Plymouth’s 2013 Bonfire Night brought together over 30,000 people who descended on the enormous promenade next to the town’s Smeaton Tower for a spectacular evening of music, lighting and fireworks. A massive stage was set up for the numerous bands that performed during the countdown to the pyrotechnic action. Joywride, an up-and-coming band on the United Kingdom’s music scene that consistently packs the house at their performances, capped off the musical entertainment just before the fireworks display.

Stage Electrics, with Mark Buckingham at the helm, was contracted to handle the musical performances for Plymouth’s Bonfire Night. Buckingham called in APR Audio to handle the stage set-up and D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems to bring the sound at one of Plymouth’s biggest events of the year, relying on the companies’ proven professionalism and extensive range of equipment to make the event a success.

The APR Audio sound team decided to deploy 22 large-format D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 line array systems, flying 11 systems in linear formations on either side of the stage. To pack a punch for the thousands of fans in the promenade the Aero 50s were matched with 24 LX-218CA subwoofers that were ground stacked in front of the stage.

The system was rounded out by D.A.S. Convert 12As  powered systems to fill in the gap for the up-front spectators, while stage monitor duties were handled by Road 15A systems distributed across the stage to meet the needs of the different performers at Plymouth’s Bonfire Night.

According to Matt Gunter, APR Audio manager at the event: “This year we used D.A.S. Aero 50 systems because of their size, abundant SPL and smaller number of required amp racks. With other systems we need more amps with the resulting economic and physical effort. We also had the advantage of the powered LX-218CA subwoofers, which allowed us to save on weight while maintaining the massive punch that equals to other competing external amp systems”.

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