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Blessure in Guatemala, invests in D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems





Blessure, one of Guatemala’s leading event production companies, recently made a significant investment in D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems, purchasing a virtual army of products from D.A.S. distributor Casa Instrumental. Based in Guatemala City, this professional audio, lighting and instrument distributor with a 33-year history on the market has collaborated closely with Blessure for years, providing solutions for the range of event services Blessure offers, from corporate events and concerts to scenography and visual productions. When Blessure decided to invest in a new professional sound system they turned to long-time partner Casa Instrumental, who didn’t hesitate to recommend the precise and powerful D.A.S. Audio systems.

Committed to providing top-of-the-line solutions to their clients, Blessure invested in 40 of the new Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System), a powered, three-way system that features remote monitoring and control with DASnet™ audio management system. The Aero 40A´s were matched with 26 powered subwoofer systems; these DASnet™ capable systems are designed to offer increased power handling and reduced distortion. To round out their army of D.A.S. products Blessure also invested in four Convert 15A´s, two DSP-4080 audio processors and a range of accessories from the D.A.S. catalogue of products, including power distributors and bumpers.

With over 500 events a year Blessure wasted no time in taking their new investment for a spin, rolling out their army of D.A.S. systems at the two-day Empire Music Festival held in Guatemala City over Easter Week. Blessure deployed their new D.A.S. systems on the main stage and provided seamless sound for the crowds that descended on the Guatemala Raceway to hear some of the world’s top DJs, including Afrojack, Fatboy Slim, Alesso, Martin Garrix and Paul Van Dyk. The systems performed flawlessly and, according to Blessure CEO Alan Mejía, “both artists and technicians were delighted with the sound; we loved how accurate it was.”

With a line-up of concerts and events over the next few months, including a DJ Aoki concert in Costa Rica, Blessure will have plenty of opportunities to put their newest investment through its paces. Having decided on Casa Instrumental and D.A.S. Audio for “the support they offer, the personalized service, the quality sound of the Aero 40As and the good value for the money”, says Mejía, the stellar performance of the new professional D.A.S. sound systems at the EFM festival and a number of corporate events since have more than convinced Blessure of the soundness of their investment.

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