Bienvenidas Universitarias 2016

D.A.S. Audio joins the party at Bienvenidas Universitarias 2016





D.A.S. professional sound systems recently helped kick off the school year with a bang at Valencia’s much-anticipated Bienvenidas Universitarias 2016 event. Celebrated at the Auditorium in the port’s Marina Sur, the party was packed with over 17,000 university students geared up for a massive 12 hours plus of uninterrupted performances by big name artists and DJs including Sidecars, C. Tangana, Albert Neve, Space Elephants and Les Castizos.

Local company Audioprobe was contracted to coordinate the sound system for the spectacular stage rigged specifically for this one-day blowout event. After studying the venue’s specific requirements, Audioprobe’s Javier Zaragozá and Jaime Castell, who headed the team of technicians for the event, selected an end-to-end system drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2 line of products.

The setup designed by Zaragozá and his team included 28 powered D.A.S. Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array Systems) flown in two clusters in a left-right configuration for the main PA. Eight Aero 40A and four Aero 20A high-performance systems were brought in for front fill, distributed across the front of the stage to provide superb sound for the event’s down-in-front fans.

To provide flawless sound coverage for the extensive audience, the Audioprobe technicians opted to deploy high-performance powered D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers paired with the ground-breaking UX-221A loudspeakers for the crucial low-frequency punch, ground stacking a total of 18 LX-218CA and eight D.A.S. UX-221A systems in front of the stage.

The LX-218A systems were stacked in two nine-unit blocks in a 3x3 configuration in front of the far ends of the stage, while the eight UX-221A systems were ground stacked in the center in a 4x2 configuration. The combined power of these systems sent thumping bass –a must-have at any electronic music festival– throughout the venue.

The constant stream of artists that crossed the stage over the festival also had a battery of self-powered D.A.S. Road Series stage monitors at their service, these versatile systems adapting seamlessly to the different needs of each artist.


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