Berklee College of Music visit

Berklee College of Music visited D.A.S. Audio’s Head Quarters




Students from Berklee College of Music visited D.A.S. Audio’s factory on April 19th.

Berklee ( is recognized as one of the world’s top modern music schools. Several of the most recognized musicians, engineers and producers have studied at Berklee’s Boston campus, and over 250 Grammys and Latin Grammys have been won by Berklee graduates. Berklee also has a campus in Valencia in addition to its Boston location, where students receive hands-on industry experience as a part of their training.

Berklee’s Valencia campus is the first international campus established by the renowned Berklee College of Music - and its first campus outside of Boston. Located in the iconic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, the magnificent 3,600 square meter campus has been designed specifically for music and is equipped with state-of-the art technology.

As a part of their program, Music Acoustics students and those studying for a Master’s Degree in Music Production, Technology and Innovation, along with professors Pierce Warnecke and German Ramos, took an end-to-end tour of D.A.S. Audio’s facilities: engineering, manufacturing and the demo room. The students were able to listen firsthand to several of the company’s line array loudspeakers and subwoofers, and enjoyed a live demo of the capabilities of D.A.S. Audio’s DASnet™ control and monitoring software.

Some of the students had the opportunity to listen to their own productions with the Aero 20A line array and UX-218A subwoofers at the end of the tour, a unique chance to hear how their music sounds when played on a high-quality professional audio set-up.


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