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 The Professional Sound Department of Fidel Color, S.A. selected D.A.S. systems


The restaurant sector has recently witnessed a rise in the number of establishments which combine select cuisine with a truly spectacular environment. In line with this trend are various restaurants in Barcelona, each with different styles and culinary points of view but with one common thread: all depend on D.A.S. sound systems to provide the background music for their well-appointed facilities.

Under the direction of the professional sound department of Fidel Color, S.A., a company with vast experience in sound installation of all types, D.A.S. sound systems were selected to create the high quality acoustic atmospheres in upscale locales such as Hoffman and Indochine, to name a few. Products from the D.A.S.´s Arco and Ceiling Series as well as amplifiers, CD players and mixers from the company's catalogue, were chosen for these installations.

Specifically, the CL-6TB 6" concealed ceiling loudspeakers with multi-tap line transformer and back-can from D.A.S.´s Ceiling Series were installed at the magnificent Hoffman restaurant. These speakers offer wide coverage and an optimized acoustic output, all in a visually discreet, compact and easy-to-install product.

These ceiling speakers receive the corresponding acoustic signal through D.A.S. amplifiers from the PowerPro Series, specifically the PS-200 model. Model HDJ 2270 CD/MP3 players and an ACE mixer by the Dutch firm Dateq, a brand which D.A.S. distributes exclusively in Spain, put the finishing touches on the installation.

Due to the unique design characteristics of the exotic restaurant Indochine Ly Leap, with its mix of water elements and greenery, the sound designers opted for the Arco systems thanks to their high-resistance compact ABS enclosures. The Arco 4T model from D.A.S.´s Arco series, equipped with a multi-tap transformer, fit the bill perfectly. Their reduced size and elegant looks make them ideal for providing background music in this type of establishment.

The installation also includes D.A.S. CSA 300Tsignal amplifiers, designed specifically for 100 V lines, and a HDJ 2270 model CD/MP3 player. A Dateq ACE mixer rounds out the installation, performing the control and distribution functions for the different areas of the locale.

Both Hoffman and Indochine offer their clienteles the best from cuisines as varied as Thai, Mediterranean, Cambodian and Catalan, in inviting surroundings which evoke their respective culinary origins. An evening spent in either promises wonderful food combined with beguiling décor, and the quality and reliability of D.A.S. systems play an integral role in providing background music consistent with the high standards set by each establishment.

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