Barbarella 2016 Santo Domingo

D.A.S. Audio in Santo Domingo at the 2016 Barbarella Festival by Presidente Black





The 2016 Barbarella Festival by Presidente Black, one of the fastest-growing and most popular events in the Caribbean, recently took Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic by a storm. Thousands of electropop fans descended packed into Quisqueya Stadium to see performances by some of the world’s biggest DJs, which ran the gamut from David Guetta and Steve Aoki to Afrojack and Jack Ü. Artists and fans alike enjoyed superb sound provided by a robust professional sound system drawn from D.A.S. Audio extensive catalog.

Dominican sound company Enlab, with ample experience in large-scale events and Emmanuel Martínez and Gustavo Montilia at the helm, was called in to handle the sound for the festival. D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer Joel Damiano made the trip from Spain to support the Enlab team during set up and adjust of the small army of D.A.S. systems deployed for the event.

The spectacular, no-holds-barred Barbarella by Presidente Black stage –compete with laser effects, screens and a massive width at over 50 meters– required an equally hard-hitting sound system. After studying the stage’s particular requirements the sound technicians designed a main PA solution based on 36 D.A.S. Audio Aero 40A powered line array systems. Rigged in two linear hangs of 18 units each, these high-performance systems were paired with 12 Aero 20A for out-fill aimed at the lateral audience areas.

A powerful combination of 12 D.A.S. UX-221A and 32 LX-218CA systems provided the crucial low-frequency punch. These systems were stacked in front of the stage in an electronic arc designed using EASE Focus 3 software and setup and controlled via D.A.S.´s DASnetTM software.

Eight of the versatile and multifunction D.A.S. Convert 12As were brought in to provide even sound coverage for the down-in-front fans, while six Aero 40As stacked on two LX-118A subwoofers handled DJ monitor duties. The Enlab sound team also rolled out a small army of D.A.S. Road 12A stage monitors, which were set up in the front of the stage.

To ensure uniform sound coverage for the 18,000 fans packed in front of the wide stage, the sound team also opted to set up two delay towers behind the mixing console rigged with eight Aero 12A powered line array systems each. An additional two delay towers ensured flawless sound for the VIP area. Both event organizers and artists alike were delighted with the combined power and flawless performance of the robust PA combined with the lighter delay towers, a high sound pressure and reliability that has already earned Enlab and D.A.S. Audio an invitation for next year’s event.

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