Back to the City 2015

D.A.S. Audio at Johannesburg's Back to the City Festival





Live performances, dj sessions, break dancing, art, film, fashion – the Back to the City Festival in the Johannesburg neighborhood of Newtown is a celebration of local and South African artistic expression. Live performances – boasting a star-studded line-up of local artists and headlined by internationally acclaimed hip hop rappers ONYX – entertained throughout the day on the main stage, where D.A.S. Audio systems ensured that flawless sound was delivered for the 19,000 fans who poured into the inner city venue for the day-long event.

Event organizers called in Johannesburg-based sound reinforcement company Complete Event Solutions (CES) to design and install the sound solution for the main stage. The team was faced with the unique challenge of designing a system that could ensure powerful yet precise sound for the range of performances that took to the stage over the festival, from hip hop mega stars to up-and-coming rappers. After studying the venue’s particular set-up CES opted to design a sound system drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive catalog of products.

CES supplied a veritable army of D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems for the festival, with eight Aero 50s paired with 24 Aero 38A line arrays, rigged in two hangs on either side of the stage. These systems were augmented by 24 D.A.S. LX-218 high-performance subwoofers; alongside the Aero 50s these subs provide powerful bass, warm mids and crisp highs. The “down in front” fans were guaranteed superb sound with four D.A.S. Event 210A, matched with 12 RF-118 subwoofers.

Stage fill was handled by another four RF-118 subs along with four RF-15:64. Two Avant 118 subwoofers used in tandem with two Avant 215A  systems served as DJ fill, while four powered Event 210A and six RF-118 subwoofers per side were employed as delay. This powerful system was rounded out by 12 powered Action M12A monitors on stage for the range of artists who performed over the festival, providing impressive bass response and keeping the musicians in touch with the overall sound.

The combined response of the D.A.S. systems CES brought in for the Back to the City Festival guaranteed massive sound and full coverage for the entire audience area. Leslie Wahl, CES Technical Manager, weighed in on the benefits of using D.A.S. systems at an event like the Back to the City Festival. “With D.A.S. Audio everything is easier, better and faster. The brand provides phenomenal products and with D.A.S. I have happier artists, happier clients, not to mention a happier crowd.”


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