Audio Luz Canarias

The company is directed by Roberto Santana, Francisco Rodríguez y Eduardo Santana


"Audio Luz Canarias" counts on D.A.S. Aero line array systems to back all their live performance installations on the island of Fuerteventura. Each year the biggest festivals, carnivals, and all types of institutional, cultural or musical events are held using the D.A.S. Aero systems, the same systems that have enjoyed such impressive worldwide success.

The company, whose head office is located in the town of Tuineje (Fuerteventura), is directed by Roberto Santana, Francisco Rodríguez and Eduardo Santana. With 25 years of experience in the lighting and professional sound arena, Audio Luz Canarias has become a benchmark in the sector. Over the last several months the company has carried out events such as the Gran Baile de Taifas in Puerto del Rosario, the Fuerteventura Music Festival and the 2nd Merengazo La Antigua.

The Gran Baile de Taifas was held in the Las Escuevas esplanade in Puerto del Rosario, capital of Fuerteventura island. Various regional music groups participated in the folklore event which coincided with the eve of the Día de la Comunidad de Canarias (Canarias Community Day). The sound reinforcement was provided using D.A.S. Aero 28A line array systems, reinforced with CA-215A subwoofer units. The 12" SML-12A from the Stage Monitors series were used for on stage.

The magnificent Fuerteventura Music Festival, held as usual at the Playa de la Concha in the town of El Cotillo, hosted artists such as Alpha Blondy (Ivory Coast), Chambao (Spain), Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania) and the local Jazz Homos, among other artists. During the two days of performances by various groups in diverse genres, about 20,000 spectators passed through El Cotillo experiencing firsthand the spirit of the festival, a project where respect for the environment and cultural diversity are the focus.

The system installed by the technicians from Audio Luz Canarias was composed of a total of 24 D.A.S. Aero 38A self-powered line array systems, distributed in two arrays of 12 units each and a central bass reinforcement system composed of 12 powered Aero 218A 2K, 18" subwoofers. Powered Aero 28A systems were also used for front fill, and with respect to the monitoring system, the modern SM and SML D.A.S. Stage Monitors were used, all of which are powered.

The 2nd Merengazo La Antigua was held at the opposite end of the island and brought together various Latin American groups and locals which delighted the audience by performing merengues, bachatas and ballads. Cherito, Michael Chacón and Jeisey, among others, filled the Town Hall square with the people of Fuerteventura for a soiree full of music and rhythm.

The show was a huge success with a more than sizeable sound system composed of 18 D.A.S. Aero 38A systems, 8 Aero 218A 2K subwoofer systems to reinforce low frequencies, and the related Aero 28A systems for front fill and the Compact systems for side fill. The stage monitor equipment was composed of 6 SML-15A Stage Monitors and 4 Compact 015. The whole system was self-powered with the corresponding uniformity of response and simplicity of installation and operations, a pleasure for those who installed the system and for the sound technicians during the performances.

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