Artec with AS Sports Awards

Cities such as Seville, Valencia and Madrid have witnessed the procession of tents


D.A.S Audio's new series of Artec systems took part in the first edition of the AS Sports Awards Road-show. Amazing Performances, S.L., led by Jesus Alberto Flecha traveled with these multi-purpose systems to events held in the major Spanish cities sponsored by the prestigious national sports newspaper called "AS". Artec systems have proven to be simple to use and extremely efficient in portable applications requiring a high level of mobility. which housed the general public's favorite sports, including soccer, motorcycle racing, car racing and tennis. A huge number of visitors went along to the eagerly awaited events co-sponsored by several of the country's top organizations.

Several different competitions and tournaments were held in each one of the tents and the winners were to see their dreams come true in a match against the country's sports idols at the grand finale on November 22nd in the Madrid Arena. D.A.S. Artec 28 systems were installed in each one of the tents. A total of 12 of these systems were employed, each equipped with a double eight inch loudspeaker for low frequencies and a one inch annular diaphragm compression driver for high frequency reproduction.

Each unit has a power handling capacity of 300 W and is designed to provide enhanced frequency response. They fulfilled their role as key equipment for the events both in terms of the spoken message delivery as well as the music. The AS Sports Awards Road-show was supported by four top Spanish companies who each sponsor one of the four tents. Football competitions and events took place in the El Corte Ingles space and virtual motorcycle tournaments were held in the Repsol tent. The Santander Bank hosted exciting Formula 1 racing simulations and the Iberdrola area was home to everything connected to the world of tennis. The objective of the first edition of the AS Sports Awards set out to bring the general public and sport stars together and it won't be long before it is back on the road again.

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